Leaf Stone Legends Arceus How do I get Leaf Stone?

Have you played Pokemon Legends Arceus? In the meantime you’re aware of the various evolution items. Since its launch gamers in Canada, the United StatesCanada as well as Australia, Canada United Kingdom, and Australia are searching for information to the evolution of various Pokemon.

The game has become famous due to various evolutionary stones that are suitable for a wide range of Pokemon. We will also talk about what is the Leaf Stone Legends Arceus how to acquire it and how to use it.

What exactly is Pokemon Legends Arceus?

It’s an action-role-playing video game series featuring Pokemon that is available for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED and Nintendo Switch Lite. This game will provide you with an amazing adventure as you explore the Hisui region together with your favouritePokemon companion.

Additionally, in this game, there’s a new identified Pokemon added. In addition, Nintendo Switch has added several things to Pokemon Franchise.

When we speak of Leaf Stone It was in the Pokemon series since the very first generation. It was also seen during the Legend Arceus.

Pokemon that utilizes Leaf Stone Legends Arceus to evolve:

Pokemon that use Leaf Stone for evolution are Eevee and HisuianVoltorb. After exposure to Leaf Stone evolution, these Pokemon transformed to Leafeon as well as Hisuian Electrode in turn.

In contrast, Leafeon is a grass-type Pokemon Hisuian Electrode is an electronic Pokemon and is a grass type. Leafeon’s form and structure Leafeon has a similar structure to that of a plant.

However, keep in mind that it is not necessary to utilize Leaf Stone to transform Eevee into Leafeon. This is because the Stone is scarce.

So, we suggest alternatives for evolution. This alternative approach does not utilize Leaf Stone Legends Arceus to transform Eevee into the form of a Leafeon. It is however done by taking them to a other place. It’s Mossy Rock located in the Heartwood of Obsidian Fieldlands.

To change, you have to bring Eevee to your home, and the evolution will occur. By doing this, you can ensure that you can save Leaf Stone for the development of the other Pokemon that we’ve discussed in this article.

How do I get Leaf Stone?

The name implies that Leaf Stone is a distinctive Stone with a leaf pattern. The most convenient way to get it on hand is to go to an Item Exchange Post in the Pokemon Legend Arceus game located in Jubilife Village.

Once you get the point where you are able to purchase Leaf Stone Legends Arceus to exchange Merit Points. For each purchase, you need to pay 1000 MP. You are able to gain Merit Points by locating and relocating satchels left behind in Hisui’s zones.

Alternately, players can obtain Leaf Stone In Legends Arceus game either by going to Space-time Distortion or completing the “Which Is The Actual Burmy” request 73.


Leaf Stone is used for the purpose of evolution and we’ve given you the places in which you can locate it.

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