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Leaking Commercial Roofs – What should be Your Prime Concern?

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Roof leaks can be a significant issue in a commercial building for different reasons. Maximum times, you can blame it on your maintenance negligence, adverse climatic conditions, rooftop equipment, seams, and more. So, have you recently discovered a puddle in your warehouse or stains on the ceiling tile?

Finding an inexpensive fix for your commercial roof leak is the most significant step if these signs occur. Let’s not forget one thing – your roof is prime protection against adverse weather conditions and other causes.

When to Seek Consultation From Commercial Roofing Professionals?

Want to safeguard the structure and protect your clients and employees from risks? Don’t worry as long as advanced roofing consultants are there by your side. If you are a Spokane-based business, the company covers your roofing requirements. 

The team follows the commercial and residential codes before performing the jobs. Roofers at the company can assist you with a myriad of roofing solutions, such as gutter installation, leaks, and more. Given below is the list of causes of a leaked roof.

Evaluating the Causes of Leaks: Why Did The Roof Leak Occur in Your Commercial Property?

Hiring a skilled team is beneficial because they can discover the causes of leaks. Leaks may develop due to rooftop activity, storm damage, improper maintenance, equipment failure, and aging. In general, here are the indicators of why roof leaks:

  • Stained Walls Or Ceiling

Exposure to water might have a drastic impact on the wall or ceiling’s appearance. You must consider whether any stains, blisters, bubbles, or discoloration occurred. They might be water intrusion.

  • Foul Smell 

Have you ever experienced unusual or musty dampness in the air? Well, it might be because of the water in your building. Remember, mold may remain active in moist environments, resulting in a musty odor.

  • Dripping Water or Puddles 

So, it’s another cause that occurs when water drips from the AC duct. That may result from condensation or might be due to a leak dripping onto or into the ductwork. 

The first things identified as a roof leak can be overhead water lines or sprinkler systems. In case of any of these signs, you must take time to find out the source of the leak. If you fail, it is best to consult a professional soon.

The Aftermath of Leaking Roof in Your Commercial Property: What Should You Do Next?

You can prevent leaks and extend your roof’s lifespan with regular maintenance. Inspecting it at least twice every year will mitigate the chances of leaks. But if you discover leaks in your commercial property, given below are the steps to perform:

#1 Remove Things Out from That Area

The last thing you would ever want is to ruin your commercial belongings. And if it’s a warehouse, chances are high that the equipment may damage faster. So, the first step is to remove things from that location. Remember, water damage may destroy precious belongings. A few fabrics trap water & create mildew odors. 

#2 Release the Water Pressure

Is there a sagging bulge hanging from the ceiling? If yes, it indicates that water is collecting in that area. Leaving this area unattended will spread water all over the place. In addition, it may erupt on its own & create a mess. So, the best tip is to carefully use your screwdriver and puncture its lowest point.

It will be wise if you can put a bucket under the water. Remember, multiple punctures are necessary because it entirely depends on the leak’s size.

#3 Consider Storing the Water

Don’t forget to store the leaked water in a garbage can or bucket to reduce the damage and its impacts. You can even cover that area with a tarp.

#4 Take Photos Immediately

Documenting the damage is the next step. It helps you in times when you file an insurance claim. Besides showing the damage’s severity, it also shows the conditions of other items.

Now, the most important step is to consult a professional service provider. If you are a Spokane-based business, select a roofer having years of experience & expertise. Consult an expert team that offers customized roof repair solutions for your commercial needs.

Whether you have a synthetic shingle roof, clay, slate, or tile, the company must provide an affordable solution. Have you spotted a sign indicating a roof leak? Seek consultation from a company today.

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