Learn to Accurately Solve Para Fillers and Filler Word questions.

In the majority of the competitive exams of Banking and insurance, questions from Para Fillers and filler words are asked. The questions from these two topics can be prepared very well with proper practice and dedication. Here in this article, we will discuss both the topics and tips to solve them accurately to bag more marks in the exams.

About Para Fillers/ Para Completion

Para fillers have questions that require the candidates to complete the missing paragraphs. The questions from this topic are widely asked in competitive exams. We will see the tips to accurately solve questions from the Para Completion topic. This will help you to know all the types of fillers that can come in the upcoming Banking & Insurance exams. Let us look at the steps and some rules to keep in mind while solving questions about this topic.

Solving Para Completion Steps

  1. The given statement must be read carefully and then you must try to fill the missing word without taking the help of the options provided.
  2. Now try matching the word with the one that you had initially thought of.
  3. Now fill the blank with the word that you selected and read the sentence again.

NOTE: Keep in mind that your selected word has to go with the sentence smoothly and make sense

  1. Read the entire sentence one last time to verify that there are no grammatical errors in the sentence after filling in the blank and it makes complete sense.

Rules for Solving Para Fillers

Following the given rules while solving Para Completion to make sure you solve the questions accurately.

Rule 1: Reading the sentence carefully is extremely important as it will determine your answer and that is the most crucial step to solve the question.

Rule 2: Knowing the grammar rules thoroughly can help a lot like for instance if there is the article AN present before the blank, then it means that the answer must start with a vowel. Therefore, grammatical rules can be very helpful in deciding the answers.

Rule 3: It is mandatory to be aware of the sentence’s context. Try to find the tone of the blank, while reading the sentence and the provided options in the question, whether the required sentence is positive or negative in the implied meaning.

This was all about the Para Fillers section, let us now have a look at the Filler words questions and tips to prepare for it.

About Filler Word Questions

Fillers are just Fill in the Blanks exercises that come in the General English Section. The candidates have to select the correct word or phrase from the provided option. With regular practice, the candidate will find fillers to be one of the easiest sections to get more scores in the exams. The Filler Test is used to determine the candidate’s understanding of the basics of the English language. Let us look at some of the tips to perform well in fillers.

Tips to Perform Well in the Filler Words:

To perform well in the filler questions here are some of the basic things that you need to take care of to ace the questions asked from this topic.

  • Have a Good Vocabulary
  • Improve your understanding of the English Language
  • Work on Time Management
  • Practice as Many questions from mock tests

We hope you found this article on fillers and para fillers helpful. Try solving as many questions from these topics to master them and if you have any queries related to any of the topics, let us know in the comment box below.

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