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Learning If You Can Still Buy 3D Number Plates

If you own a motorbike or car and want it to stick out from others on the road, then 3D number plates are precisely what you should get fitted. When you buy a quality 3D number plate, you can expect to get a professional finish that is eye-catching. You might want to check this 3D Number Plates supplier for a top-quality number plate.  

These premier 3D gel number plates give off a sheen black finish and will enable you to customize your vehicle number plate without needing to spend a lot on expensive upgrades. If you are not sure if 3D number plates are road compliant and whether you can still purchase 3D number plates under the current British Standard for Number Plates (BS AU 145e), this article will help clarify matters for you.

Can You Still Buy 3D Number Plates after September 2021?

Since the British standard with regard to number plates was updated by the DVLA in September 2021, a lot of motorists have come up with baseless concerns concerning the road legality of their 3D number plates and don’t know whether they still buy these sorts of plates. This coupled together with wrong information online, most individuals aren’t sure whether they should still fit 3D plates on their motor vehicles.

3D number plates are legal to use and own in the United Kingdom.  You are still allowed to install 3D plates to your vehicle and enjoy the aesthetic appeal it brings without getting levied, so long as the number plates are compliant with the new regulations. The amendments made to the British Standard in September 2021 were passed into law to expand number plate qualification, and not to hold you back from personalizing your automobile.

What were the changes?

The key changes to the British standard included:

Black font only

All the characters on plates must be featured in black font both in the rear and front. The reason for this is so that the automatic number plate recognition system can identify a particular car.

Plate markings

Plates are not allowed to highlight website addresses, logos, or phone numbers where details of the supplier are printed. The markings on the plates may only highlight the name & postcode of the supplier and the British standard.

And given the new revisions, the simplest method you can use to acquire 3D plates that are compliant is by buying them from a fully licensed and registered company. 

Reasons to buy from a registered number plate supplier (RNPS).

-You can be sure that the 3D plates you’re purchasing are road compliant.

-You need not worry about your plates being seized by the police.

-You can select from a broad range of number plate styles and designs. 

Final Word

Even with the implementation of the September 2021 British standard, it didn’t mean that all 3D number plates are illegal. You are allowed to own and use them as long as they are compliant with the DVLA revisions. Don’t let hearsay and misinformation veer you from buying the 3D number plates you desire. Upgrade your vehicle with high quality 3D plates. 

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