Lisa Matthews Philippe Philippe Bond is who? Why Is He in News?

Are you aware about the Philippe Bond news? This news is breaking the internet. It caught fire after just a few hours. The news is even being talked about by the Canadian people. Our readers will be able to learn everything about this incident from Lisa Matthews Philippe.

Please read the following post to find out when this incident occurred and what its consequences were. You will find all the details in this post.

Philippe Bond is who? Why Is He in News?

Philippe Bond, a comedian from Canada, is also a radio host. Born 28 June 1979. He was raised and completed his studies in Quebec. Philippe Bond was granted a show to host “The price is right”, a game program. This show was where he used his storytelling skills to tell stories. Later, he created a comedy program.

Lisa Matthews Philippe Bond has been in the news. Recently, the Press Media reported that Mr. Philippe Bond was behaving inappropriately in his show with other co-partners. The comedian’s business associates distanced themselves. Last night, the website host and comedian were removed.

According to the report Bella Media made the announcement that it was ending its “business relationship with Philippe Bond.” Because of the ongoing controversy between Philippe Bond (and Lisa Matthews) and the co-host, the department confirmed that the co-host would no longer be on any other Radio program or comedy show.

People React To Lisa Matthews Philippe

Later, other women made allegations about his indecent behavior. These accusations were then made public. Thomas Levac claimed Philippe Bond was the first to be accused during a podcast recording. Philippe Bond refuted all allegations and charges. He stated that he has never been aggressive in his past relationships and that his innocence is clear. He also denied any accusations. People suggested that this kind of news was unacceptable. The Matthews Gatineau news is a platform where people demand fair punishment.


Lisa Matthews files a complaint against Philippe over the incident in Gatineau, 2007. After filing the complaint, police took action. An investigation is underway. This article explains the controversy between Philippe’s Bond (Lisa Matthews) to our readers. We also included information about the reactions to this event from the public. This link is the original source for this post. It is worth checking out.

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