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Litchar Reviews Is Litchar a scam website?

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Do you want to find information about the Litchar website. Are you looking for information about Litchar before placing your order? Today, scam websites are increasing in countries such as the United States.

This article will give you Litchar reviews. We will also discuss the legitimacy and validity of this website. Let’s get going.

About Litchar website

Litchar is an online shop that sells a variety of products at a low price. There are many products available, including electronics, games and gadgets.

You won’t waste time looking for products because they are already listed. According to litchar.com’s ‘about us’ section, you can find everything you need here. It ships products to various countries and areas, such as the United States and other countries.

These deals seem too good to be true. Buyers often wonder if is Litchar Legit, or just another way of scamming people. Keep reading this article to learn all about Litchar Legit.

Website Specifications

  • Official link: https://www.litchar.com/
  • Domain registration date: 10-06-2021
  • [email protected] – Email Address
  • Phone number: +86 13512924444
  • Address not mentioned
  • Shipping- Ships the product internationally
  • Shipping procedure – split into two parts
  • The first part of the order takes about 1-2 days to inspect and review.
  • The second part of the process is the shipment of the product, which arrives at the owner in 15-30 days
  • You have a choice of product options: kitchenware, electronics and vacuums, as well as a large selection of other products
  • Litchar Review– Doubtful, but we will discuss it later in the article.
  • Cancellation- Accepts cancellation before shipment
  • Customer can return product within 14 days of receiving the order.
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Pros of Lithcar website

  • It is possible to have access simultaneously to multiple products.
  • For a single product, you don’t need to visit multiple websites.
  • Customers are offered many discounts and reasonable prices.
  • You can pay in different ways.
  • Shipping the product internationally


  • Litchar Review Online: No information available
  • This website looks suspicious because of the high-priced offers.
  • This website does not provide much information.
  • There is no section for product reviews.
  • The site is suspicious because all the products are available for sale at all times.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons, then let’s verify the legitimacy.

Is Litchar a scam website?

You can find nearly every product on this website, and all the items are reasonably priced. To make people question Is Litchar Legit, there are always discounts and offers.

The research team gathered some information about this topic that will clarify your doubts.

  • Site name – Litchar
  • Age of the website – 22 days
  • Date of registration: 10/06/2021
  • Trust index- 1% (not an excellent score)
  • Site looks suspicious, as there aren’t any customer reviews.
  • Official site spellings the kitchen as “kitchent”
  • The portal does not have a contact address

We have reviewed all the information and found out that this site is not trustworthy. You can order products from the site at your own risk.

Litchar Review

We can see that there are no positive or promising reviews after reading a few articles. This website is not trusted by many people and it looks suspicious. The site has not received any reviews from customers since it was launched just recently.

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Final Verdict

We can conclude that Litchar is not trustworthy after looking at all the facts and proofs. Customers should not trust the Litchar Review.

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