Live Betting: A Guide to Know the Meaning of Handicap 1.5 in Betting

Online betting is trending throughout the world these days. With its wider range of opportunities of benefits, it attracts all the users to make bets. Among so many categories of online betting, sports betting is stealing bigger access than any other. Sports betting is extending with its popularity as there are so many versatile websites, like M88 Malaysia, providing effective features of online sports betting lately, whether it is about football betting or any other famous kinds of sports. 

While talking about the whole concept of sports betting one format is attaining greater access than the others. Handicap betting is the mode involved in sports betting that portrays an advanced form of money line in betting. It offers a unique challenge while balancing the several changes in either side of the team winning the match, from negative to positive numerical in the game. 

So, it could be said that being familiar with the concept is necessary in order to improvise the quality of your game while increasing your deposit and attaining all the versatile benefits of online sports betting. 

What is Handicap Betting? 

The handicap is a figure used in matches while aiming to refer chances of winning a match by a specific team. It could be added that as per the format of the game, the favorite will usually take the negative handicap while they are required to overcome to win, on the other hand, the underdog contains the positive handicap that portrays the acts of the head start.

Further ahead the concept of handicap betting is generally similar in all the variations of the sports. As the rule changes with the format of the game it might vary to some extent, to be distinct and provide greater convenience. Taking the vast differences and rules of the game, it could be appropriate to state that it is necessary to be aware of all the rules and regulations of the game. 

Handicap Betting in the Game of Soccer?

Online soccer or football betting attracts all the players whether we are talking about fans of football or other game lovers. As it requires a thorough knowledge of the game of football in order to place the bet, it is usually more popular among the game followers. For all those who are more affiliated with the game take the option of handicap better more specifically.

It is said that soccer tends to be low scoring sport, so trying to predict the chances of winning by a certain team requires skills. Handicap figures are taken as goals, in this case, if a specific team wins, it is necessary that it wins by more than one goal, in order to win the handicap bet, the user bets on the handicap -1.5 effectively. On the opposite side of that, if the bet is on +1.5 handicap, then the team is required to lose by one clear goal or other than that drew or win the match. 

Knowing the Perks of the Game

Moreover, it is necessary to be aware of the game to make your bet in a specific match. Whether we talk about all the waiting for the right form to make the or being familiar with the mode of playing by the specific player in the game, like the M88 promotion, all the concept is essential for the users. Let’s go through the following points that need to be considered prior to placing your handicap bet:

  • Being familiar with the inside out of the game you are making your bet on.
  • Studying the game with keen eyes, from its players to the mode of playing the match.
  • Waiting for the first 10 minutes to make the bet, it will help you predict the number of goals.
  • Looking for the first goal in accordance with the match as it helps to predict whether the team makes it to the win.
  • Being thoroughly familiar with the concept of handicap bets. 


Hence, whether we are talking about the concept of opportunities or keen knowledge about sensing the goals, users are often found making handicap bets on online sports betting. Handicap 1.5 is quite famous among the users who are familiar with the format of the whole game of sports they place their bets on, effectively. So, it is essential to be known about this bet, to enhance the experience of online football betting.   

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