Living in Auckland? Win Peace of mind with CCTV cameras

This article highlights the concept of remote monitoring of CCTV cameras. It explains how remote monitoring allows individuals in Auckland to keep an eye on their properties and surroundings from a distance. Through the use of advanced technology and internet connectivity, CCTV cameras can be accessed from anywhere in the world, providing peace of mind to property owners.

The escalating crime rates in Auckland and across New Zealand have become an undeniable reality. A mere glance at recent news articles on “Ram raids” reveals an alarming number of incidents[1]. The distressing truth is that crime statistics indicate a staggering surge of over 20% in Auckland compared to the previous year[2]. This surge in criminal activities not only impacts businesses but also raises concerns among residential and commercial property owners. Thankfully, installing security cameras on your propertyHow much has crime actually increased? |How much has crime actually increased? | emerges as a promising solution to these worries.

What is Remote Monitoring?

The idea of remote monitoring is quite simple. It involves the ability to oversee and control CCTV systems without the need to be physically present at the monitored location. As long as an internet connection is available, one can effortlessly monitor camera feeds from any corner of the globe. This insightful article delves into the myriad advantages of remote monitoring, illuminating how it effectively reduces the risk of burglaries and robberies.

Round the clock surveillance

In the past, traditional camera systems required a dedicated security guard to be physically present in a control room, constantly watching all the camera feeds. However, remote monitoring has changed the game. Now, this can be done from a distance. You have the option to personally keep an eye on your property or hire a security monitoring center.

Many businesses couldn’t afford to have a security guard in their control room around the clock. But with remote monitoring, this problem is solved. Security cameras enable property owners to watch their premises in real time or review footage later to spot any suspicious behavior or criminal activity.

Intruder Deterrent

The primary purpose of CCTV cameras in combating crime has always been to act as a visual deterrent. Potential burglars or intruders are well aware that they are under surveillance and being recorded. Security cameras are prominently placed and easily noticeable to anyone approaching the property. To further enhance their effectiveness, displaying signs indicating the presence of CCTV and its operation can be beneficial.

How is CCTV a deterrent?

Security camera recordings encompass not only the property but also the surrounding vicinity. This footage plays a vital role in identifying potential criminals, significantly boosting the likelihood of their apprehension and prosecution.

Moreover, CCTV serves as a valuable source of evidence, capturing the actual occurrence of the crime. It provides undeniable proof that the damages inflicted were caused by the intruder and substantiates the theft of missing items. By utilizing timestamps, it becomes possible to establish the presence of a suspect at the crime scene.

In essence, surveillance cameras serve as an immense deterrent due to their ability to gather irrefutable evidence of the events and the individuals responsible for them.

Active crime response

With remote monitoring, security cameras become proactive crime fighters. You have the ability to set up your cameras to notify you when motion is detected or when alarm sensors are triggered. Checking the situation in real time is as simple as opening your smartphone or having a monitoring officer review the camera feeds.

Law enforcement can be promptly alerted while the crime is in progress, reducing the time window for intruders to cause harm and increasing the chances of catching them in the act. Certain camera systems even have speakers that allow you to inform the intruders that they have been spotted, causing them to abandon their activities and flee.


Just envision the advantages security cameras bring to your property. Picture the convenience of being able to monitor your home or business within a minute, no matter where you are in the world. Instantly, you gain peace of mind, knowing that your property is secure, and you can swiftly address any potential dangers.

In the face of rising crime rates, this is not a luxury; it is an essential requirement.


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