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Are you looking to purchase decorative items for your home like the wall clock or table display pieces? Check out this article to find an online store that sells these items.

India is by far the largest market for consumer goods worldwide, which makes its economy the one with the highest growth rate. This means that there is a lot of competition on the market. is a factor, leading to an increase in product costs. Therefore, a majority of us are looking for ways to save money for special occasions or festivals.

So, we’ll provide you with a website which offers huge discounts, which could make you want to visit. However, in order to verify the authenticity of the website, we expose Review.

About This Online Site offers an online store which trades items that are sought-after by many customers who shop online. Additionally, they offer discounts on their products when they are booked together.

Furthermore, the site has also adapted secure and reliable transactions, using completely secure checkouts using SSL certificates. Let’s have a look an overview of the products on the site:

  • Table showpieces.
  • Beautiful wall clock.
  • Retro-style bicycles.
  • Unique floor lamp
  • Mirrors for walls.
  • Sets of dinnerware.
  • Table vase.
  • Flower pots.
  • Bookstands.
  • Indoor planters.

Website’s Specifications to Examine- Are legitimate ?

  • If you have any questions they can be reached by calling 0235108953.
  • The date of domain creation is 02-10-2021. However the date of expiration is 02-10-2022.
  • The URL of the site is
  • They offer products such as floral pots, dinner sets mirrors for wall clocks, etc.
  • This email is listed on the website as [email protected].
  • They have 30 days of return time which means that customers have the option of returning the item once they have received the order.
  • An office address specific to the site cannot be identified for the website, which raises doubt among buyers. Although one address that is unclear is listed on the Privacy Policy.
  • When you look at the reviews and the Reviews, it appears that they’ll notify the user after acceptance or refusal of the refund request. If the refund application is accepted, refunds could take a while, which indicates suspicious behavior.
  • They’ll add shipping charges at checkout, based on the item’s weight, dimensions and the delivery location.
  • The purchaser must make a new purchase of the item after returning the current item to exchange it for another.
  • They accept payment through a variety of methods, including Paytm, Google Pay, MasterCard and UPI.
  • The option to sign up for newsletters is available on the website.
  • Reviewers have shown that international delivery can take 4-22 days, while domestic deliveries take just 2-7 days.
  • The goods will be delivered within two days of the purchase.
  • The Social Media icons aren’t present on the site suggesting that it has not been able to grasp the importance of the internet.
  • On their website there is no specific information regarding their hours of operation. However, it is stated that their warehouse is open from Monday through Friday.

What are the benefits of the site?

  • The site includes an email address and contact number.
  • According to the Genuine blog, these sites offer huge discounts on items.
  • A variety of payment methods that include Google Pay, are available.
  • Customer reviews are accessible on the website.
  • The option to sign up for newsletters is accessible.

What’s the negatives that are associated with this portal?

  • There are no reviews for the site on Trustpilot.
  • The site had a low trust score of 5.4/100 and an overall trust score of 2percent.
  • Certain policies aren’t mentioned.
  • Social icons of the media are missing.
  • An office address in particular is not present.

Is A Scam?

  • Domain age This domain was brand new and was just created.
  • Trust score – reviews have changed so to show a low level of trust.
  • HTTPS information-The site is registered with HTTPS.
  • PoliciesAll policies are listed on the website, however some policies aren’t listed.
  • A social media profileOver the website, the icons for social media aren’t there.
  • Price that is not realisticThe prices stated for the items are not realistic.

Buyers’ Reaction

There aren’t any reviews available on Trustpilot however, customer reviews are posted on the site and the majority of products are rated 5-star, leading to suspicion. The site has not received recognition since it does not have social networks.

Click here if you’ve identified someone through PayPal frauds.

Closing Thoughts

Review review on reviews has provided a review of and its shipping and return policies. It appears that the website sells items like flowerspots.

Furthermore, the website has not been able to get attention because of its low trust score and rank. Additionally, the absence in social icons been a proof of this. Make sure to research the site prior to purchasing anything. Find out more here in the event that you have been approached who is a victim of fraudulent credit card transactions.

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