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Looking For The Best Wood-Fired Hot Tub? Your Search Ends Here

The idea of relaxing in a wood-fired hot tub with warm water is similar to moving into a lodge. Installing a wood-fired hot tub on a non-wooded terrace is quite okay — it’s a simple way to relax and unwind. While electric hot tubs are comparable to splashing, wood-burning tubs are better for relaxing. 

A wood-fired hot tub may be as rewarding as making bread, growing vegetables, or fixing the house: With experience and dedication, you will gain the respect of those who will appreciate your efforts. Would you rather hear a thunderous engine or ablaze? 

Choosing a wood-fired hot tub is not only a sentimental decision. Your electricity bill won’t explode, and the lack of moving components won’t make you grateful. Wood-fired hot tubs use aged Wood fired hot tub and clean water to avoid siphons, synthetics, and electric heaters. They come in a range of prices and sizes. Most importantly, they are easily transported to your house (or lodge, or chalet) and installed by you.

Benefits Of External Wood-Fired Hot Tub Heater

  • An internal heater consumes roughly 1/3 of the interior area, necessitating a much larger hot tub to accommodate the same number of people.
  • It is possible to use an utterly covered cover. As hot water rises, it loses practically all of its heat. Unprotected cover with an inner submersible warmer is challenging to use. With a protective cover, you may leave the tub at night. The water will be warm enough to soak in early in the morning without restarting the fire.
  • No plain water! Protect the water level up in a submarine hot tub warmer to keep the water heater from being exposed and softening. Before the last person departs the hot tub, additional water is required to bring the water level back to functioning. 
  • The chimney is distant from the wood-fired spa, preventing contact with the hot fireplace. The fireplace is within the bathers’ space with an inside wood hot tub heater, increasing the risk of smoke and fires falling directly on the bathers.

Wooden Spas Are The Best Investment

Bathing in an outdoor tub helps to improve circulation and rejuvenate the skin. This approach benefits the body by strengthening the immune system and preventing colds. The soothing warmth also relieves aching joints and stiffness. 

They are ideal for anyone who cannot tolerate the heat and moisture of the Finnish sauna or Russian bathhouse. Our wooden hot tubs need little maintenance; replace the water once a month and wash it with clean water.
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