Louisville Shooting Livestreamed Reddit – Know All the Details Here!

This article highlights all points related to the Louisville Shooting livestreamed Reddit and people’s reactions.

Did you see the latest shooting video online? Did you hear about the massacre in Kentucky? The United States is looking for the entire video. It is believed that the shooter, Connor Sturgeon himself, live streamed it.

This article will show you whether or not the Louisville Shooting Livestreamed Redditvideo video is online.

The shooting video is available on Reddit.

People are searching for the live-streamed video that the shooter recorded while killing people. Although the footage was viral on Reddit and is now available on YouTube, it’s not yet on the channel.

Due to the content of the footage, it appears that the video has been removed from the internet.

Louisville Shooting Live streaming

Connor Sturgeon, the shooter, streamed live from his bank to capture the entire mass murder video. The attacker attacked the bank at 8:30 AM, before it was open to the public. Employees met virtually with the manager.

Manager is extremely disturbed and claims she has witnessed the deaths of her employees. The shooter had earlier left a note stating that he planned to kill his employees because he was depressed mentally.

Is the Louisville Shooting Livestream Vid Reddit online?

Because it is against social media regulations, the live-stream video cannot be accessed on any platform. Experts believe that more should be done to prevent the spread of this horrific incident. Users also suggested that they take proper precautions before sharing sensitive content online.

The whole footage was discussed among people. They questioned technology, social media’s prevalence, and how people can come together to create a safer online community.

Details of Reddit Louisville Bank Shooting

People have had many discussions and debates about violence and mental health after the video was shared on social media. While some expressed condolences to the victims of this tragic event, others advocated for stricter gun laws.

People’s Response to the Shooting Video Reddit

The video was streamed live online by people who started sharing it on other channels. Some questions brought awareness to the importance of social media as well as the dangers of false information and the spread and abuse of violent content.

People demand more stringent laws to stop the sharing of violent content online.


After being shared on Reddit, the live stream video caused many discussions. People are furious that the video was removed from Reddit. ()

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