Lucian Brownlee Ibn Williams Video {Dec 2022} Read Now!

Are you a fan of watching basketball matches? Are you familiar with the fate of the Coppin State basketball team? Scam videos are a popular trend nowadays. It’s a way for people to take advantage of others and make it viral.

Similar incidents occurred in the United States. An ex-player is bribed by a basketball coach for indecent acts. For the Lucian Brownlee, Ibn Williams Video to find out what happened, we searched continuously.

What video is currently trending online?

Ibn Williams, a former Coppin State University basketball player, filed a complaint against Lucian Brownlee, an assistant basketball coach. Lucian Brownlee posed as a woman online and attempted to manipulate Ibn Williams.

Lucian requested nude photos and videos from Williams. This news was viral on Twitter, and other social media platforms. Lucian sent him racy messages and persuaded him to send nude photos to prove that Lucian was a woman.

Lucian blackmailed Williams into recording a physical encounter, before making the photos viral after Williams refused to send any more nude images.

What was the reaction from ordinary people?

Many Tiktok members made videos about this subject. Williams was supported by other people, regardless of whether a few people laughed at the case. Check out our section on Social Media Links to identify positive and negative comments.

Are Lucian Brownlee or Ibn Williams on Instagram?

We were unable to find accounts for Lucian Brownlee or Ibn Williams after carefully analyzing Instagram. Coppin State Men’s basketball has an Instagram account where they post only about basketball matches.

Is Ibn Williams’ viral video still available on Reddit

The video was removed by many websites because it contained explicit content. Reddit users insist that they still have the original video. To circulate the video, they leave a link in comments. The link will take you to another webpage if you click it.

The same thing happened on Reddit as well as Telegram. Although no one claims to have the original video, they claim they do.

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Juan Dixon, Coppin State basketball team’s head coach, didn’t support Ibn Williams. Ibn Williams stated that Juan had supported Lucian Brownlee, but he didn’t take the appropriate action.

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