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Lucifer: Season 6? Netflix In Talks To Continue The Series

The television series Lucifer has a dedicated fanbase, and when Fox canceled the show, fans have been scrupulously following her on Netflix. The fourth season of the show, which follows the devil ( Tom Ellis ) leaving hell and running a nightclub in Los Angeles where he also serves as a consultant for LAPD, which premiered on Netflix in May 2019.

Netflix later announced that they had renewed Lucifer stopped a fifth and final season that would last sixteen episodes but which was divided into two eight-episode pieces. Now, it seems that Netflix does not want this final season to be so final.

TV Line reports that Netflix is ​​in talks with Warner Bros. Television, the studio behind Lucifer, for a possible sixth season. There are no details beyond Lucifer’s wish for more, but presumably, it would make fans happy if the show continued and Netflix data had to support that kind of demand.

What’s fascinating about this story is the way shows are recorded these days. In the past (“the day” was ten years ago), if your show was canceled, then the chances of any kind of resurrection were slim. But, with streamers looking for popular content and not having to worry about ratings or advertisers, it is easier for a show to find a new life and the streamer enjoys an onboard audience.

It’s a win-win situation, and I’m sure it’s hard to see Lucifer being so popular that Netflix, which assumed it might stop working after five seasons of content, is now looking for more.

But it seems like a good option. The episodic procedure is rare on broadcasters, but it is the bread and butter of networks where shows about police, doctors, and lawyers are the rule. Netflix wants a piece of this easy viewing, so I’ll be curious to see if they can make a deal on Lucifer’s sixth season.

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