Luxury Candle Boxes & Options to Customise to your Preferences

Candles were invented by Egyptian Romans in the tenth century BCE according to web information. These candles were candle called tallows. These candles were the first dipped candles made up of condensed animal fat. At that time as tallow was very cheap and easily available, thus many people used these candles for many centuries. But then comes Beeswax in the 1500s which introduced an alternative to tallow. Beeswax candles burn brighter with less smoke compared to tallow. But these candles are hard to obtain, thus only a higher portion was able to purchase these candles. Seeing this fact, a French man enters this competition and invented moulds for taper candles.

With time, many people enter this competition and invented much better candles with very good materials. Still in this era, many people are working on candles to make their quality even better.

Nowadays, luxury candles are becoming very famous. The first use of this candle was in the 19th century. But these candles still improving and people keep liking them. These candles are famous because of their unique essence. These candles had two qualities i.e., tangible and intangible qualities. As the demand for this candle is increasing day by day, thus many people are entering this industry to make a handsome amount of profit.

To make a handsome amount of profit you can use luxury candle boxes. The manufacturers make these boxes by using cardboard and Kraft material, which can keep your candles safe and sound. These boxes can give your luxury candles a classy look. Some of the benefits and reasons why the use of luxury candle boxes is important for the success of your business are described below:

Design of Candle Box:

There are already many companies in this industry that are selling these luxury candles to make a handsome amount of profit and growth of their company. Thus, to compete with them you have to choose a unique and elegant design and a logo so people can recognise your brand name. The design of luxury candle boxes is very important to gain the attraction of the customer. The candle looks great and attractive in these boxes. So, if you use custom luxury candle boxes, they will defiantly enhance their beauty by up to 50%. No doubt, a new customer always prefers to buy a product that attracts him the most.

Protection of the candle:

These boxes are not only super attractive but also have the quality to protect your candles in them. These boxes protect your candle from any internal damage, as they are made up of robust cardboard which can bear tremors. As these luxury candles are much more expensive than simple candles thus, it must be one of the best benefits for your luxury candles. Moreover, if you ship these luxury candles in these luxury candle packaging boxes, they won’t bump into each other. Besides, there can be a collection of many small and fragile luxury candles, which keep them safe in a unique way by using luxury custom boxes.

Eco-friendly material:

Due to the increase in plastic pollution. Plastic packaging is causing many forms of pollution i.e., air pollution, water pollution, and many more. Thus, many experts prefer to use eco-friendly packaging to stop this pollution. The materials used in the manufacturing of these boxes are eco-friendly and the finest. These materials are easy to decompose. And some of these boxes are such types that can be decomposed spontaneously after some time. These boxes are recyclable. Many eco-friendly packaging companies are offering luxury candle packaging wholesale at affordable prices.

Increase in sales:

Providing very good quality candles is not enough to increase your sales. You must have to display them in a very diligent design in a luxury candle box. Although these boxes are not much expensive. If you search for wholesale rates you will get several of luxury candle packaging suppliers offering many reasonable packages.  You can easily gain an increase in sales by using these affordable luxury boxes.

Trust and positive image among customers:

If a customer uses your candles and is satisfied with their quality, then he defiantly uses your product again in the future. And it is impossible to gain customer attraction without the packaging having your unique brand name. Once the customer becomes your regular, he will not only use them but also suggest this brand to his surrounding people. Other than that, many customers share their experience by posting these brand boxes on social media which can help you promotes your brand.

Customisation in Boxes:                                     

Many companies work according to their client’s needs; thus, clients can easily customise their designs to whatever they want. And also, many companies offer these luxury candle boxes wholesale with this customisation offer. There are many different finishes you can add to these boxes some are:

  • Aqueous coating
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Foiling
  • Gloss lamination
  • Holographic Foiling
  • Matt lamination
  • Raised spot/ UV
  • Silk lamination
  • Spot UV/ Spot Gloss

A range of options is available for luxury candle boxes

There are many options for luxury candle boxes. You can personalise these boxes to match corporate branding and other marketing strategies. You can print them with a matte or high gloss aqueous coating to grab the attention of the recipient. A great way to launch a business is to purchase custom packaging.

Luxury Candle Boxes are not limited to the standard white box. They are available in many different sizes and shapes. Advanced printing technology allows you to create different textures and shapes for your luxury candle boxes. This method is best for cardboard boxes, but it is not suitable for any other type of packaging. You can personalise your luxury candle box with a unique design.

Candle boxes are perfect for flaunting your business:

For businesses that want to promote their brand, luxury candle boxes are the ideal solution. These customisable packaging options are ideal to promote your brand and corporate branding. Personalise the boxes with a personal message. These luxury candle boxes can be a great way to introduce a new product. There are two types of luxury candle boxes available. 

You can create custom boxes by purchasing a variety of custom candle gift boxes. Advanced printing technology allows you to design your box in any shape or size you like. You can do this in many different colours and textures. When choosing luxury candles, it is important to consider the purpose of the packaging. Your product may contain a message.

Eco-friendly option to choose for more customers:

Luxury candle boxes are not only functional but also environmentally friendly. These boxes can be recycled and printed with your company’s logo or slogan. There are many options for custom designs. You can request the manufacturer to create your box from scratch using paper.

You can also order custom-designed luxury candle boxes. The boxes are customisable to reflect your corporate identity. You can order luxury candles boxes in different shapes and textures thanks to advances in printing technology. You can also choose eco-friendly packaging, in addition to the many options available for luxury candle boxes. Both Kraft and corrugated boxes are fully recyclable and biodegradable. You should always check the shipping costs if you order a lot of luxury candle boxes.

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