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Lychee Valley Shepherds Bush reviews has posted customer feedback on an Asian restaurant in London, which has rebranded.

This post could be useful for Londoners who want to give feedback on the chop-chop noodle bar. Many foodies in the United Kingdom were surprised to find themselves at a rebranded Shepherds Bush market restaurant.

Chop Chop Noodle is a popular Asian restaurant located in London’s Bush Market on Uxbridge Road. Many people have had different experiences with the food and customer service at this store and have shared their experience on several review sites. Lychee Valley Shepherds Bush Review provides the latest information about the store via customer feedback.

Lychee bay Restaurant Reviews:

Many customers are confused that Chop Chop Chinese restaurant which serves noodles and other Chinese foods has rebranded as Lychee Bay. You can change the look of a business outlet for many reasons. Here are some ratings and descriptions for this shop.

  • Nice Local Review Site – This restaurant has a rating o 1.5 with 67 reviews.
  • TripAdvisor Ratings – TripAdvisor has rated this site with a rating of 3.0 based on 104 customer feedback.

Lychee bay London Reviews Chop Chop

We found mixed customer reviews for this restaurant. While some customers love the food and how it is priced, many have expressed concerns about its customer support. Here are more reviews about this shop and its food safety.

  • Yelp is an established review site. It has given this shop a rating of three stars from thirty-five customers feedback.
  • Google shows that 535 people have rated the shop and have given it a 3.3 rating for its other services.
  • The agency’s food safety and hygiene rating is 4.

Lychee Beach London Reviews is currently rated by the most well-known review sites for this Asian restaurant. Some recent reviews are very concerning about this shop, which we will discuss in the next section.

Lychee Bay Reviews and Comments:

While we are not sure what the reason is, there have been some negative comments about customer service. As one 2017 comment stated, staff can be rude but the quality of food and prices make up for this. Some comments from 2022 mirror that feeling.

Lychee bay Shepherds Bush Review Lychee food:

Although some customers have criticized its services and called the shop racist, their overall image is positive. Customers can be offended by certain staff activities. However, its food is always delicious.

  • Singaporean Fried Rice
  • Char Kway Teo
  • Roast Duck Noodle Soup
  • Salt and Pepper Wings
  • Beef Satay

Final verdict

Some customers have rated this food as the best at this restaurant. Many customers also expressed concerns about finding this shop after the rebranding. Lychee Valley Shepherds Bush Review found mixed reviews about this restaurant.

Are you willing to give feedback on this restaurant? Leave feedback via comments.

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