Mace on Keychain Is New York’s Keychain Legal?

Do you want to feel completely secure when you leave home? Do you want the best, most portable self-defence tools available? You can find the key information in this article.

Today’s composition focuses on a self defense item and its branding. Many countries, including the United StatesUnited Kingdom and Canada are interested in its details. This account contains information about the Keychain.

What is a Keychain Mace?

Mace is a brand that makes personal security gadgets such as pepper guns, pepper sprays, and safety alarms. A keychain that includes an irritant spray is one of the products. This small device can be used as a self defence product by women.

This keychain is designed to be used by women for the purpose of holding keys together. This means they don’t need to carry separate pepper sprays. It is also easier to locate it from a bag/pocket in an emergency due to the anchor keys.

What is inside the Weapon

The keychain is the pepper spray that’s attached to the Mace product. The spray is a combination of hydrocarbon solution (phenacyl chloride) and tear gas. This combination is what the manufacturers sell on the market in the form of an aerosol spray. It comes in a can.

Another name for the component is chloroacetophenone. To control violent situations, police use it as teargas. Alan Lee Litman invented the Mace spray in the 1960s. This product can cause irritation on the face of conmens.

How is Apple on a Chain Useful to Women?

While anyone can use the keychain to protect their personal safety, it is especially useful for ladies. Gangsters frequently take advantage the incapability of women for fighting men physically. For women to be able to defeat these men, they must have a self-defence weapon.

It is easy to find mace in emergency situations thanks to its chain form. The attached chain allows one to easily take the spray from their pocket or bag using the attachment. Women do not have to carry extra pepper spray. This makes their pockets less bulky. They can carry this product with them to keep their keys safe and protected outside.

Is New York’s Keychain Legal?

According to New York state law, mace pepper sprays cannot be sold or purchased. However, state women have been urging authorities to amend this law through multiple channels. According to a blog post by a female activist, she was attacked and beaten by a street troll, but her mace spray saved the day. She had to get the product from New Jersey as it was not delivered to New York.


On their website, the brand sells a variety of self-defense items including the Keychain. This is a very useful item to protect women against the horrible acts of street criminals.

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