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Coil packing equipment is a ring-type stretch wrapper used to wrap coils with eye-through film, which is an efficient means of packaging coils. For various coil sizes, handling methods, packing materials, and handling requirements, there are different types of coil stretch wrappers.

Different types of coil packaging solutions can be provided by Fhope for a nice and uniform packaging of many coil products, including hoses, pipes, wires, bearings, and cables… For coil packing machine, ring and roller speeds can be adjusted so that the coils can be wrapped in 360 degrees. Thousands of end users have approved it because it is the most efficient packing machine for coil objects and it has minimal space requirements and lower labor costs.

As a team, we have rich experience in coil packaging solutions that we provide more than 1200 sets of coil packing equipment worldwide that work to improve packing speed and replace manual packing.

An Fhope coil packing machine replaces three to four workers. It is now being integrated into the coil packing line. Fhope provides coil packing equipment that connects to the slitting coil packing line to form an automation system. You can add a variety of coil packing functions to your packing equipment. These functions include tapping around the coil circle, wrapping with two layers of film and paper, wrapping with bubble film, clamping and feeding of packaging materials automatically…

The Fhope team has gained extensive experience designing coil packing machines for customers around the world. To date, Fhope has delivered coil packing machines to 65 countries.

The right coil packing machine should be chosen

Coil wrapping machine have different versions depending on their packing goal. The best way to find the right packing solution is to choose the machine based on the product. For example, if the product is hose, make sure you check the hose coil packing machine list for hose packing solutions. If you have any special packaging and packaging requirements, please email or call our team directly for a free consultation. We developed coil packing solutions based on various sizes, packing materials, handling techniques…

How do wrapping machines work?

Flexible packaging for single items is a very popular choice for food, bakery, and confectionery items because of its versatility. It is most commonly used for confectionery (count line), bars and cakes as well as cheese and sausages.

The use of wrapping for single items, including daily use items, DIY items, toiletries, and cosmetics, has many applications. In some product areas, certain techniques are used, such as skin packaging for DIY products, or fold wrapping for cosmetics, CDs, or cigarettes.

The use of shrink wrapping in packaging is extensive. Heat is applied to a thermoplastic material that is loosely wrapped around a product or group of products, which shrinks to form a tight wrap around them. Transport wrap and protective packaging of larger items, such as doors, bricks, or even pallets of bricks, are commonly done using this method.

A stretch wrap is an elastic, flexible wrap that ensures a close fit for products or groups of products. It does not require heating, unlike shrink wrap. 

For both protection and security, pallet wrap machines are specifically designed to wrap very large items and pallets (see Palletizing Machines). These machines have many applications, not just in the beverage and building industries.

Coil packaging – what is it?

The importance of good quality packaging material is crucial, especially in the export and import business or the construction business, where transport of significant large products is an essential part of their business. The Steel Coil Packaging materials help those products safe from the environment or any other damages while transporting from one place to another. Several different packaging methods are used in the industry. In addition, there are different packaging methods based on shipment methods, materials, and destinations. Furthermore, there are semi-automatic and fully automatic modes of packaging.

Wrapping system: what is it?

The term wrapping, when applied to packaging equipment, covers a wide family of wrapping machinery types and styles. A common feature of this method is the use of plastic film, paper or aluminum wrapped around a product or group of products and then sealed with heat, glue or friction.

How does wrapping work?

Packaging materials are materials used to enclose, surround, or contain a packaged completed product or products during shipping to a buyer. These materials are not returned by the buyer to the seller for reuse.

Wrapping machine for wide wire spools and steel coils

By replacing traditional manual packaging with automated packaging, not only can the quality of the packaging be guaranteed, but also labor is saved, labor intensity is reduced, and working conditions are improved at the same time. The automatic packaging machine also has the advantages of high production efficiency, simple production, a high degree of automation, and less space. In various industries, such as food, paper, light industry, electro mechanical, household appliances, and chemicals, automatic packaging machinery has been widely used.

It is now possible to find a wide variety of packaging machinery, each with its own characteristics, and the industry is constantly improving technical parameters, serialization, and automation, as well as special-purpose machines that are becoming more popular. A wide range of sectors of the national economy use automatic packaging machinery as a general-purpose machine.

A coil master Automatic Wrapping Machine is mainly used for winding and packaging large and long circular products. This is especially true of composite winding packaging, which uses multiple film materials at the same time to complete circular products. By packaging these ring-shaped products, you can protect them from wear, dust, moisture, and cleaning by using high-quality wire coils, 7 wire PC strands, and steel coils.

The ring in the figure is the moving guide rail carrying the chain of the packaging mechanism, and the guide rail is divided into two parts, left and right. In working packaging machines, the left and right guide rails move towards the middle so that a closed guide rail system is formed. Through the gears driven by the reducer, four symmetrically distributed motors drive the packaging mechanism to move on the guide rails. Driven by the drive system on the trolley, the work piece is loaded, and the packaging mechanism and the work piece are coordinated through the control system, allowing the packaging of multiple materials at once for the work piece to be achieved.

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