Macleod Trail Accident What were the Result from the Macleod Trail accident?

A deadly collision between two vehicles closed the Macleod Trail SE early in the evening of Wednesday, November 2021. The Calgary police are investigating the two fatal car crashes on the Macleod Trail between Canyon Meadows Drive and Lake Fraser Drive, resulting in road closures.

The police have confirmed that the crash took two lives as well as a person who sustained severe injuries as a result of the accident on the Macleod Trail, Canada.

The firefighters were able to free two people who died in the Macleod Trail Accident and the third one was admitted to a hospital to receive additional treatment.

The Macleod Trail Traffic Accident

Macleod Trail Road Accident is being reported in the media as it became an accident which claimed the lives of two persons and inflicted serious injuries to the third person who was involved in the accident.

Following the incident following the incident, the Calgary Police took charge of the investigation and analyzed the case of a three-car crash near Lake Fraser Gate. The emergency team immediately responded to the scene of the accident, and arrived before 5:30 pm.

The two passengers in the car in question were two Canadians. Canada The two occupants of the car were from Canada, and were declared dead upon the arrival of medical personnel.

What were the Result from the Macleod Trail accident?

Sergeant Colin Foster from Collision Reconstruction Unit confirmed that a pick-up truck as well as two sedan vehicles was involved in Macleod Trail Road Accident. The truck was headed northbound along the Macleod Trail. Due to the vehicle’s speed velocity, the vehicle was unable to control itself and hit the white car at the rear.

The vehicles both crossed the median and collided with a second south-facing vehicle. The two passengers of the car were declared dead by the police, and one person was severely hurt during the Macleod Trail accident.

At night, police arrived and spoke with the media. They told the media that one of those responsible for the crash was detained while an investigation was on. The police detained the man at the Ford Dealer after he fled the scene of the crash on the foot.

How many people died and were injured in the accident?

According to the reports the three persons were involved in the crash Two of them died on the spot The third was taken to the hospital after suffering serious injuries.

They also said that the person sustained injuries that were not life-threatening and was taken in a hospital following incident Macleod Trail accident. The person is now in good health and is receiving treatment.

The investigation continues and police inquire from the locals if they’ve witnessed the accident or have any video footage to help in the investigation. Following the accident as well, it was reported that the Macleod Trail is closed from both directions. The road was shut down all night long, and the police advised people to use a different route and stay clear of the zone.


The Macleod Trail is a busy roadway, and accidents happen frequently. However, the latest Macleod Trail incident is making headlines with people due to its severity and even fatal.

The person who was involved in the incident is currently in police custody. The the investigation into the scene of the accident is in progress. There’s the news everywhere online and people are receiving news updates regarding the incident.

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