Maid Agency: The Ideal Option for Every Family

In the Singapore market, Maid Agency is the most reliable maid service provider. Here, Myanmar maids in particular are extremely popular. The following article provides additional information regarding this service!

Overview of Maid Agency

A maid agency is a business that specializes in providing maid services. This company has earned the trust of over 30 businesses. And over 80,000 households have placed their confidence in the service here.

The firm is continually striving to supply highly skilled and reliable staff to its clients. Now, the most highly regarded employee is a Myanmar maid, a Also known as someone that families or persons hire to assist people with chores such as home cleaning, childcare, cooking, and laundry…

This company has become a trusted partner of more than 30 businesses

Myanmar Maid is currently the top choice of many homes. The most significant benefit is that the cost is cheaper than in other countries. We constantly strive to deliver the best professional service possible. Learn more about the highlights of selecting a service here.

Why is Myanmar Maid most preferred at Maid Agency?

Maid Agency is Singapore’s most favorite maid service company. The Myanmar maid is one of them, having a wide variety of customers. So why was this service trusted by the vast majority of households? Let’s look at the three main reasons why Myanmar maid is the most popular.

The cost of hiring Myanmar Maid at Maid Agency is lower

The salary of a cleaning service is an important consideration for any Singaporean home. The number of Myanmar maids in Singapore has greatly extended, accounting for 50% of all domestic workers in the country. As a result, hiring Myanmar maids through the Agency is less expensive than in other countries.

No worries about language barriers with the maid

In addition to wages, issues about language barriers for domestic employees should be addressed. However, when choosing a Maid Agency, this is no longer the main issue because the majority of the maids have acceptable English proficiency, allowing clients to get the most professional service.

Most of the maids are qualified in English

Maid Agency makes sure to clean up the living space

Maid Agency effortlessly provides 100% service quality. The employees here are always professional in their job. Clean everything, from noticeable spots to difficult-to-reach tiny areas. Myanmar Maid will clean everything.

FAQs when hiring Myanmar Maid at Agency Maid

After acquiring the benefits of working with Agency Maid. People will have questions about how to get Myanmar Maid as well. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when it involves choosing services.

How much does it cost to hire a Myanmar Maid at Maid Agency?

In addition to a fixed monthly compensation of around $450 to $750. When planning to hire a Myanmar maid, clients must also consider a variety of other costs, such as living fees, compensatory day-off, etc.

How to hire a maid at Maid Agency?

To hire a maid, you need to go through a few steps below:

  • View the list of candidates.
  • Interview potential candidates.
  • Apply for a new work permit.

However, don’t worry! Maid Agency will assist you in saving time and ensuring that all hiring processes are completed quickly.

Hire a maid, you need to go through steps such as viewing the list of candidates.

How long does it take for Myanmar Maid to arrive in Singapore?

Hiring a Myanmar maid may take some time because they must relocate to Singapore for many weeks. Clients should also inquire about any legal requirements, such as work permits or employment documents. These are also time-consuming.

Customers, on the other hand, may be guaranteed of an efficient recruiting procedure with the assistance of Maid Agency. We guarantee prompt settlement of the maid’s employment papers and will give training as needed.


Maid Agency Singapore definitely is the most well-known maid service agency. Customers who choose us will obviously save time and effort. I hope the information above benefits you in choosing a suitable Myanmar maid!

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