Making a resume for one’s first-ever job

Looking for the first job in your life is not an easy task. Most often, you’re prevented from finding anything easily by such factors as no (or very little/unofficial) work experience and fear for the future because of many factors that are new to you at this stage.

Yet, there is a great way to boost your chances of finding your first job: to make resume online free. You can do that by opting for the help of the CV2YOU online tool, which is powerful, up-to-date, and allows you to make excellent documents in literally no time. Using this, you can receive a resume that will be:

  • Professionally-looking
  • Neat and structured
  • Easily scannable by people and robots
  • Contain textual and graphical elements for the improvement of its visual perception
  • Personalized because you can use different fonts, colors, and positioning of elements.

Below, we’re exploring what you shall definitely include in your resume to improve your chances to be hired.

How to make resume online free for your first job

First of all, it is clear that you don’t have a lot of experience. Well, you could be working while being a student but, highly likely, it was not relevant to what you want for the rest of your life — like working as a grill chef in some eatery. That’s okay. Everybody starts somewhere. These will make your resume look much better:

  • The name of your educational facility (if it is loud). We’re 100% certain that when you graduate from anything of the Ivy League, you already have at least one super excellent job offer that’ll shape up your future. But there are many other great universities besides the Ivy League and naming them in your resume means significantly improving your chances of being hired.
  • What were your grade (if significantly above the average), educational achievements, rewards, or abroad studies?
  • If you were a student activist, it would be great to let your future hirer know about it — it will demonstrate your skills of social interaction, managing, planning, reporting, and achieving goals.
  • What are your hard and soft skills (those relevant for an aspired job)? If there are several jobs, you aspire to, then be sure to modify your resume in every section to fit each of them the best.
  • Emphasize your job experience if you had any — this will show a future employer that you already know what working is and that you’re not completely alien to a corporate sector.

This is how to make a resume online free in an online tool

First, when you open the CV2YOU online tool, register there, pick your language (of the 6 offered), and one of the professional templates. They all fit the best opinions of HR managers on what a perfect resume should look like, so you just select a pre-approved piece.

Using the formatting, fill the document with your data. It is easy to do — only use a mouse and keyboard to functionally interact with the tool. It’s super easy because it is WYSIWYG. 

Thoroughly and rigorously read the result before saving it and correct any redundancies, inconsistencies, errors, misspellings, etc.

Save it in one of the offered formats and start sending it to hirers.

Good luck to you!

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