Male Marijuana Plant vs Female: What Are the Differences?

Most new marijuana growers want to grow the strain that they like the best. Others want to see which plant would flourish the most under their outdoor or indoor growing conditions. Yet, many people do not know the difference between a male and female marijuana plant.

Cannabis sativa is a dioecious plant. This means that male and female plants look different even as seedlings. The male and female plants also go through different processes during their lifespans for you to maintain optimal growth.

Keep reading below as we discuss the differences between male marijuana plant vs female.

What is Marijuana

Marijuana, scientifically named Cannabis Sativa, is a flowering plant and is believed to have originated in the central Asian steppe around 500 BC. All Cannabis Sativa plants have male, female and hermaphrodite varieties. Marijuana has been found to have various medical benefits.

These are including relief from certain forms of pain, nausea, depression, and other illnesses. People have used marijuana in its various forms for centuries. However, some questions have risen concerning marijuana usage, like is marijuana a hallucinogen?

What is a Female Marijuana Plant

The female marijuana plant is the most popular choice for growing marijuana due to its ability to produce flowers that contain the highest concentration of THC. The female marijuana plant is easier to identify than its male counterpart.

These plants have pistils that are rounder and bushier than their male counterparts. They are also typically identified by the lack of pollen sacs and may show increased trichomes or mossy-looking hairs that turn white or red as the plant matures.

What is a Male Marijuana Plants

Marijuana plants, both male and female, are typically grown from seeds that produce plants of the same sex. Marijuana plants have a reproductive system.

The male plants produce flowers that contain the pollen necessary for fertilization. These plants have a smaller and thinner stem than female plants, and the buds form tightly around the stem.

In addition, male plants produce fewer leaves than females and the leaves are narrower. These plants may also release a bitter scent due to the production of pollen sacs.

They typically flower faster than female marijuana plants and can easily be identified when they reach the flowering stage as they will develop a yellow pistil. These plants provide no psychoactive effects and their only purpose is to provide pollen for fertilizing female plants to create more seeds.

Know Difference Between Male Marijuana Plant Vs Female

Marijuana plants, both male and female, bring unique benefits to farmers. Male plants are best for fiber production.

Female plants are more popular for their higher THC contentTHC content. The plants should be grown together to ensure they can continue to reproduce.

However, understanding the differences between male marijuana plant vs female is key to producing a successful crop. Conduct further research to learn more about this topic and start growing today!

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