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You are the type of person who likes to play country-based game on your atlas during school. You want to play a different geographical game? The worldle allows you to explore your interests. This game is popular in New Zealand, United Kingdom , Canada, Australia and the United States. Here’s the Mali Wordle article.

The worldle game

Wordle and Worldle are often confused and misunderstood. Wordle is a word based puzzle game created by the New York Times. Worldle is a Teuteuf country-based puzzle. Similar to Wordle it is also becoming more popular. We have the answers because everyone is curious to see their daily puzzles. Here are the hints.

  • It is a nation that is completely landlocked.
  • It is on the African continent.
  • Bamako, the capital of this country.

Still struggling! This is your solution: June 14th, Mali. Mali is correct for the worldle puzzle.

Mali Game

There are two possible interpretations for the title above. First, Mali is the solution to the country-based puzzle called Worldle. Yesterday’s answer (June 14, 2009) was Mali. Mali is now the answer for worldle game.

Another interpretation is that Mali footballers are currently participating in the African Cup of Nations qualifying football game. Mali is currently leading the overall scoreboards, winning 2 games and leading by 6 points. This is due to the popularity of Mali in football and worldle matches.

Country details

The Mali Wordle has been a popular trend as it holds the answer to the entire worldle’s puzzle. So people are seeking out the answers. Another reason is the ongoing African Cup of Nations. Mali is officially called the Republic of Mali and its capital is Bamako. It is the 8th biggest country in Africa. It boasts diverse geographical features, including the Sahara Desert and Sudanese Savanna. Although gold mining is popular with the residents, the city is most well-known for its salt mines. Mali, once a French colony in Africa, has French roots.

The country

Mali Wordle enables people to learn more information about the country. Mali is among the most poor countries on the African continent. However, Mali was once the world’s most prosperous country. It sold salt. Salt used to be the most expensive commodity to trade back in those days. However, salt has lost its richness.

Wordle is a similar game to the worldle. People must correctly guess the correct answer within six attempts. Depending on players’ guesses, the color tiles can change from green, yellow, and grey. The green sign approves players’ correct guesses, and will indicate the correct answer.


Mali Wordle gave details about the puzzle-game in this article. This puzzle game is a great way to bring attention to the poorer nations around the world.

This may help indirectly because the worldle answers will be trending for some while so that they can catch the attention of the global organizations’.

This article was helpful to you. We’d love to hear your thoughts on today’s worldle puzzles.

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