Mall Security Tips for Shopper Safety

Many mall management employees struggle to manage the substantial rise in retail visitation over the holiday season. Among the responsibilities of your shopping mall’s security programme should be ensuring an enjoyable shopping environment for its guests, ensuring crowd management, identifying questionable behaviours, and rapidly defusing any situations.

  1. Security and Situational Consciousness Instruction

Valet workers, housekeepers, data counter employees, and, to a certain degree, everybody employed by an outlet mall are all part of your shopping centre’s crew.

The dangers that your shopping mall employees often experience are not serious. However, they must be educated on how to behave appropriately in high-risk situations to protect the security of everyone. Dubai Security Guard company’s trained guards know how to check the region around them when entering and exiting the shopping mall, spot symptoms of theft, and respond to a shoplifting occurrence.

  • When not to be startled and when to get back to regular mall activities; How to safely transport money, if necessary, during Black Friday; When and how to notify other employees of a danger;
  • How to notify any unusual or odd conduct to the mall security personnel and 911, including vital details or images of the suspect(s)
  1. Modify the Mall’s Reopening and Closing Processes.

Because shopping mall timings are set, people with malicious intents may easily look out and monitor the mall and its activities, including when personnel and safety come and go. Preserve your mall’s regular opening and closing timings, but have your personnel come two hours sooner and the businesses’ workers arrive an hour earlier.

It will provide greater readiness since your employees and shop employees can adjust, examine, and finalize, setting their work environment for the hectic day ahead. As a result, when your retail mall begins, it will be staffed by psychologically prepared employees to scan people and identify possible criminals.

Residents and guests should be notified and removed as soon as feasible if the retail centre closes. To notify prospective customers, your shopping mall staff should place posters on all entrances. It should also be mentioned on your internet presence and other platforms.

  1. Security Supplies and Processes are Arranged in Advance

Consulting with secure company Dubai for your mall safety security is critical to the safety of your employees, guests, and the mall itself. The shopping craze necessitates several new jobs to the mall’s security program, such as device standards and procedures for emergencies. At least one week before any holiday, practicalities should be addressed, recorded, and disseminated to all members of your mall’s security team:

Before the mall opens, ensure enough torches, radios, and protocols for reporting questionable behaviour, such as customers who gesture at surveillance cameras or go into forbidden sections. Enhance team attentiveness and emphasize the significance of quick crisis reaction. Change patrol paths and hours so prospective criminals cannot forecast their habits.

  1. Increase the Number of Security Officers on the Mall’s Grounds

Your mall’s safety officers are the first point of defence against possible dangers: they are always on watch for unusual behaviour and can promptly resolve security problems. By hiring \ more security officers from a top security guard company Dubai, your mall’s security staff will be equipped to:

  • Check your whole mall before it opens to customers.
  • During your mall’s operating hours, add one more security patrol guard.
  • Employ two more security patrol guards, one for the snack court and one for the mall’s general parts (washrooms, parking spaces, etc.).
  • Employ one additional guard for outside inspections and an hourly inspection of the top entrance and machinery compartments.
  • After sunset, station security at the mall’s entrances to guarantee that no unauthorized people re-enter.

Furthermore, we recommend using ground walkers in retail businesses to reduce and avoid stealing. Workers will not have to watch out for would-be burglars due to this prevention strategy, and they can concentrate on providing sales assistance and excellent client service.

  1. Give Particular Consideration to Areas with Elevated Criminal Rate

Washrooms: Because of their secluded character, shopping mall washrooms are highly appealing for aspiring attackers and, hence, crucial areas to police.

Dumpsters can be used to store items taken, guns, weapons of mass destruction, and questionable shipments, especially during holiday sales. To keep trash cans from being utilized for illegal reasons:

  • Clear plastic bags are easier to find in rubbish containers.
  • Assign security personnel to visually inspect trash bags for guns, dynamite, and suspicious goods.
  • Eliminate every trash can from areas with large crowds, such as queues and restaurants. Cover them with little metal trays filled with transparent plastic containers.
  • Before closing, remove every one of the trash cans.

Security Tips for Parking Lots For Shoppers

  1. Approach boldly with your eyes opened up in any parking lot, shopping centre, etc., establish glances, and have your ignition prepared.
  2. Never depart the shop with your arms stuffed with purchases. Make use of a charity trolley.
  3. Before leaving the business, glance around for strange persons in the parking lot.
  4. As you reach your automobile, look below, in front, and behind it.
  5. Before entering your automobile, inspect the driver’s and rear passenger seats.


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