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This post contains details about the Marshall and Millions Story. Learn the details of the story about the murder of two canines.

Have you heard the story of Marshall and Millions? What happened to the doge? Marshall and Millions are two dogs that were killed by the police. News of the shootings has reached different countries, including Philippines Canada United Kingdom and United States. The news has affected people around the globe and they are now praying for the dogs.

In this article we will provide full details about Marshall and Millions Story.

What happened to Marshall and Millions

Marshall and Millions belonged to the same owner. The police shot the dogs in front of the owner. Police shot the dogs after a woman complained. The woman reported to the police that two dogs had attacked her and another dog as she was walking.

The police officers approached Louie Turnbull, the owner of the dogs who was there with his dogs. The police pulled out their guns. Louie Turnbull was trying to rescue the dogs, and they were pulling him away. But the police officers shot them. This sad news has hurt many people.

Justice for Marshall and Millions

People around the globe are angry after the news of the murder of Marshall and Millions. The two innocent dogs are being demanded justice by the public. Millions of people around the country have held vigils and protests to demand justice for Marshall, Millions and their owners. The people also demand that the police officers be held accountable for the killing of the two dogs.

According to online sources, 200 members of Animal Rising, a popular group, participated in the protest outside of the headquarters. The group bought dogs and lit vegan candle to demand justice for dogs.

Millions of Marshall Breed

The two dogs that were killed by police officers are Millions and Marshall. The dogs are American Staffordshire Terriers. Police officers shot and killed the two dogs at this moment. The breed of dog is a short coated breed from America. Marshall and Millions are black and white.

AmStaff is another name for American Staffordshire Terriers. AmStaff, a medium-sized dog breed, is also known as AmStaff. They are between 16.9-18.8 inches (43-48cm) tall and weigh about 50-80 pounds (23-36kg). American Staffordshire Terriers come in a variety of colors, including red, black and white. They also come in blue, brindle or solid.

Marshall and Millions Story

Several people read the story of Marshall and Million and are shocked to hear about the killing of two dogs. Around the globe, people are crying for the two dogs. The people are protesting and demanding justice against the police officers. The story of the dogs has appeared on several websites.

Online sources claim that the women who complained about their dogs were traumatized when they heard of their murder. According to the source, the husband of the woman stated that his wife didn’t want the dogs killed. The source said that the husband of this woman told him his wife did not want to kill dogs. Marshall and Millions story made the entire world emotional. The world is in tears as people protest to bring justice to the innocent creature.

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