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Maviice Reviews Specifications

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This article gives information about Maviice.com and provides Maviice reviews to learn more about the credibility of Maviice.com.

Are you aware that a lot of websites sell a variety of items on one site including nozzles phone holder, nozzle of these items? Are you in search of websites that will deliver these products right within your reach? If you’re looking for it, then you’re in the right spot.

This article will cover the Maviice website which provides different content such as Phone holders silicone pots, nozzles and many more within both the United Statesand the United Kingdom. We’ll begin with a discussion about Maviice Reviews.

What is Maviice.com?

Maviice.com is a site which is dedicated to offering numerous products, including hair coloring shampoo and a seat belt to dogs, a pet drinking fountain phone holders, nozzles, phone holders and many more at one stop.

You will also be able to find discounts on these items when you have an in-depth understanding of this site. Shipping is free and other benefits for those who use this site.

Thus, people are eager to know more about the website. So, we’ll share the essential information about this website in order to find out the question: Is Maviice legitin this post.


  • Type of website: E-commerce site
  • Type of Product: Many products ranging from pen holders, to shampoos for hair colour.
  • URL: https://maviice.com/
  • Website name: maviice.com
  • Domain Age: The site is just one month older.
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Address: Not Available
  • No contact number available. available
  • Shipping Policy: Maviice takes 7-15 days for delivery.
  • The Returns Policy Maviice allows returns for 14 days from the date of the date of delivery.
  • Return Policy Maviice reviews the product returned and then refunds it within 14 days.
  • Security information: Maviice has HTTPS certification.
  • Websites on Social Media They do not have a online presence on social networks.
  • Review of consumer experiences: No consumer reviews.
  • Payment Information: In accepts online payment.

Aspects positives to Maviice.com:

  • As per reviews by Maviice ,there is an enormous selection of goods available on this site, and this is why people can enjoy the benefit of using this site.
  • The company has HTTPS certification for data protection of consumers. security.
  • There is a return and reimbursement policy for 14 days. This is a great indication for customers.

negative aspects associated with Maviice.com:

  • The website doesn’t have a large influence on popular social media sites which is an excellent sign for customers.
  • Another issue with the site is that it doesn’t contain any reviews from consumers which means that we can’t have a firsthand account of the reviews.

Is Maviice Legit?

  • Domain Age: Maviice.com was created on 24th March 2022. thus, the age is lower than one month. This website is therefore losing its credibility due to the small domain age.
  • Websites on Social Media: A social media presence is an important aspect for a website to prove its legitimacy. However, this website doesn’t have a online presence on social networks. We therefore cannot receive any information about the owners of the website or other details.
  • Consumer Reviews: Because the website is still new and we’ve not seen any reviews from consumers about the site, therefore we can’t trust an unreviewed website.
  • Trust Score: According to the Maviice reviews ,the trust score is only 2percent, which means that we can’t rely on this site.
  • Alexa Ranking Alexa Ranking Alexa ranking is a measure of consumers’ traffic, however, we couldn’t find much visitors on this site.
  • Policy Information: There’s an detailed information on the policies of the website, which includes return, shipping and refund policies. However, this is not the only reason to believe in this site.
  • Contact information: There is no contact details , except for email addresses, therefore we are not able to believe this site.
  • Details for payment: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and other payment options online are accessible.

What are Maviice Reviews?

It was a long-term study of the website, however we were unable to locate any information on the reviews on Mavvice.com. There was nothing about the reviews at the mavvice.com website or on its official Mavvice.com website, or on any other site online.

Additionally you can also find out about ways to avoid the PayPal frauds click here.

Final Verdict:

There’s a proliferation of websites offering items on the internet However, it is crucial to be aware about the legitimacy of the website. So, we looked into Maviice.com and found that, based on the Maviice reviews ,there is no reason to believe the legitimacy of this website.

This website appears to have a shady character. What do you think of this website? Share your opinion by commenting below. In addition, you could discover

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