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Mercenary Enrollment 60 Chapter Conclusion

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What exactly is Mercenary enrollment? Is Mercenary enrollment manga? Who wrote the manga? What chapter of the manga was recently released? Where can we read it?

Manga and anime are popular among youngsters today and have become an outlet of enjoyment for them, instead of being a source for entertainment All over the world. The reason for this is due in part to the fact it’s an enjoyable type of storytelling through visuals. The plot of anime and manga is not just the plot. For this post, we’ll look at the 60th chapter of mercenary enrolling.

What exactly is Mercenary enrollment?

Enrollment in Mercenary is an Manga series. YC created the manga and Rak Hyun illustrated it. The release date was 6th November, 2020. The 60th chapter of the collection was published on the 19th of November. This is a continuing series.

The plot is based on South Korea and tells the tale of a young kid who is the sole person to be able to escape a fatal plane accident while it was still a child. His parents were killed during the plane crash. Presently, he is returning to his home after becoming an merchant. Following that, he began to lead a tranquil routine life.

To learn more about the 60th chapter of the mercenary enrollment program continue reading the article.

The comic series is school life the drama genre, Action, Romance, Adventure, military, and webtoons. The plot revolves around the protagonist , ‘YuIjin’.

Webtoon Characters Webtoon

They are the main protagonists

  • Lead for the lead is Yu Ijin, the plane survivor of the crash,
  • Shin Yuna is a 19-year-old school student and the Heiress of SW Corporation
  • Ko Sukjoo is 19 years old and is the bodyguard and Secretary to Shin Yun, and also an old fellow classmate.
  • Yu Dayun: She’s her younger sibling to Yu Ijin. She is she is a student in the 17th grade at school. she lives with her grandparents.
  • An unidentified character Black Sun

Mercenary enrollment 60 chapters

The 60th chapter of Mercenary Enrollment is available for everyone to read and was made accessible along with English subtitles. Anyone can locate an online chapter or read the chapter in their native language. Korean or English are two different languages that anyone can discover chapters.

The chapter is available to read on the internet using your smartphone tablet, laptop, or desktop. On November 18 the raw version of the chapter was accessible via the page Kakao. Subtitles that are widely released in various languages include English, Japanese, and Chinese.

We won’t give spoilers. Instead, you can read online chapters 60-61. The readers or fans have been eagerly awaiting this chapter.

The chapter on mercenary enrollmentcaught all the interest of manga lovers as the story was very engaging and readers are looking forward to the next chapter the chapter 61.


On November 19, the 60th chapter, the cult Korean manga Mercenary Enrollment came out all over the world with a variety of subtitles available to read and take pleasure in. The story has grown to be addictive and a must-read and is an exciting story that will delight you and enthralle your imagination.

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