Meteoric Ore Blade Ring Where Can I Find Meteoric ore blade rings?

We will be looking for Meteoric Ore Blade Ring in this article.

Elden ring players Worldwide want to know the details about the meteoricore blade and how they can obtain it. You don’t have to worry if you are one of them.

Today’s article will focus on the Meteoric Ore Blade Ring as well as all of its unique features. We’ll also talk about the location of this blade as well as how players can get it. To learn more about the meteoric blade, stay focused.

Details About The Meteoric Blade

The meteoric knife is a special katana tool in the Elden game. It can quickly slash and cause severe damage with normal Gravitas skill. This weapon requires intelligence 18, strength 15 and dexterity 14. Based on Elden Ring Metalic Ore Blade , has been classified as an S-tier weapon.

The meteoric knife can be found early in the game. This weapon has great stats in both physical and magical attacks, based on bases 112 & 72. This weapon also has the second-best base attack in the game. The blade’s guarding stats are also excellent. They have a base of 0f50 in physical attack and a 45 in magical attack for guarding. We’ll be discussing where to find the meteoric sword later.

Where Can I Find Meteoric ore blade rings?

We have listed the steps to help you understand the procedure to obtain the meteoric blade. Follow the steps below.

  • First, you must travel north to the Storm Gate to find the Shack of Warmaster.
  • Then you will need to continue in the northeast direction towards the catacomb where death was touched.
  • Move in the east while crossing the bridge.
  • Follow the path that takes you through the village where water is summoned.
  • To reach the church in Smoldering, you will need to keep going in the north-east direction.
  • Continue following the direction until reaching the ruin of Caelid Waypoint.

Once you reach the ruins, the Meteoric Ore Blade Ring will be yours. You will find the basement below the ruins. There you will be able to battle the prawn miners, open the gate, and get the treasure box to claim the meteoric knife.

Ability Of The Meteoric Blade

Gravitas, a special ability that the meteoric blade has, is unique. This ability allows you to create a gravity hole on the surface. This gravity well is able to deal with high damage and pull enemies within the well’s radius.


We will be discussing the Meteoric Ore Blade Ring which is an exclusive weapon in the Elden game. We hope this article has provided enough information on the blade. Scroll down to see the Elden Ring Game.

Have you ever played the Elden Ring Game? If so, please comment with the name of your favorite weapon.

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