Home Gaming Minecraft Server 2020: Top 5 best Prison Servers for Minecraft in 2020

Minecraft Server 2020: Top 5 best Prison Servers for Minecraft in 2020

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“Top 5 best Prison Servers for Minecraft in 2020.”

Minecraft prison servers supply the world of Minecraft multiplayer a fantastic and fresh dynamic in contrast to typical vanilla survival. In prison hosts, players grind through different mines and market cubes to gain money to rank up and progress through the ranks.

The best Minecraft prison servers, nevertheless, add a few of their own unique twists to spice up the generic Minecraft prison match style. This is achieved through the addition of custom features such as daily events, new enchants, improvements to exploration, PvP progression, and really anything else unique that adds yet another”fun” factor.

1.Purple Prison

Minecraft Server 2020: Top 5 best Prison Servers for Minecraft in 2020
Purple Prison Minecraft

Purple Prison is the one-stop-shop for anything Prison related when it comes to Minecraft. With an uptime of more than 6 years as a testament to the host’s incredible commitment, it’s no wonder Purple Prison is dominating the Minecraft prison host spectacle.

The server boasts a mind-blowingly long collection of completely tailor-made features, such as king-of-the-hill events that run every 4 hours, provide fall events, custom gambling plugins, customized player stores, player plot homes, and much more.

It should also be mentioned that the server has had a seriously big YouTubers join throughout its uptime, including the likes of both PewDiePie and Skeppy.


2.MC Prison

Minecraft Server 2020: Top 5 best Prison Servers for Minecraft in 2020
MC Prison Minecraft

MC Prison is a pure Minecraft prison server, with heavy PvP and grinding elements. Participants are given a selection of the preferred skill tree development upon joining MC Prison, with different options to specialize in such as mining and smelting.

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MC Prison can be highly unique because players can rent real cells to store their things and smelt their fur cubes. This gives the host a more rustic and more gritty feeling.



Minecraft Server 2020: Top 5 best Prison Servers for Minecraft in 2020
Snapcraft server Minecraft

Snapcraft is primarily called a Minecraft hub server, offering an assortment of different game styles including survival, factions, kitpvp, innovative, and of course, prison.

Prison on Snapcraft is actually somewhat underrated. It’s not the most popular game mode in the community. However, the features and gameplay of the mode in many ways place other Minecraft prison servers to pity. This is thanks o a composite of well-polished feature design, innovative thoughts (for instance, boss fights), and simplicity of players being assimilated into the server as a result of the well designed and useful tutorial system.


4.Chaotic prison

Minecraft Server 2020: Top 5 best Prison Servers for Minecraft in 2020
Chaotic prison

Chaotic prison is a classic Minecraft prison server that stays true to the roots of this game mode. The servers existed for several years now and have developed a friendly and helpful community during this extensive uptime.

Even though the host in several ways can be regarded as simplistic when compared to the other prison servers within this list, those looking for a refined and somewhat nostalgic prison host might find Chaotic prison a preferential option.


5.Munchy MC

Minecraft Server 2020: Top 5 best Prison Servers for Minecraft in 2020
Munchy MC

Munchy MC is a popular Minecraft prison host that offers a prison game style in addition to other modes such as survival, kitpvp, and yarn wars. Prison, however, is by far the most popular game style on the Munchy MC Minecraft server.

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An interesting note on this prison server is the fact that scamming players is not only allowed, but really encouraged as a legitimate money-making choice in the game. This provides an intriguing twist on the server and gives players a less trusting approach to one another. This is an attempt to mimic a real-life prison setting.


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