Mini Puffs Fortnite Where are Ghostbusters located?

Many new inventions have resulted from the evolution and progress of technology. Changes in professions are causing people to change their lifestyles. Gaming is now a popular way to earn. Many creators are coming from all over the world, including Brazil, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Mini Puffs Fornite is an entertainment game where children and young people can have fun. This article will provide more information.

Short Description of Fortnite

Fortnite is now called “Wrath of the Cube Queen”, after it was renovated in 2021 to accommodate Fortnite mares. Ghostbuster NPC has been added to the cast. This character is responsible for the spooky events that take place on the island every week.

You will earn 1,50,000 XP after completing the five-part questline. The containment specialist will discuss the location later.

What’s Mini Puffers Fortnite HTML3_?

Mini Puffs in Fortnite is an engaging game that the player can play online. Mini puffs can be removed using different tools, such as pickaxe/harvest, lazy lake, and sludgy marsh.

To complete the challenge, swap any three minipuff dolls located in any of these areas. To retrieve your car you can use your pickaxe. If your car is lost or damaged it will become loot.

Where are Ghostbusters located?

Camp Cod has containment specialists. Camp Cod, an island situated southeast of Fortnite’s main Island Apollo’s Coast is called Camp Cod. However, the containment specialist appears in any one of the two buildings located on the eastern sides. To be rewarded with the five questlines, you must follow one.

These are the steps to follow:

  • You will need to deploy seismograph.
  • You can get rid of mini puffs by clearing out a Sludge swamp (or retail row) or lazy lake.
  • You can damage your car and remove the parts.
  • In the Mini Puffins Fortnite game, you will need to place Ghostbusters marks at Dirty Dock or Pleasant Park and Holy Hedge.
  • Place the ghost trap


After reviewing the content, we concluded that this game would be a great and exciting choice. These games are very trendy and are often played with great enthusiasm. Online games are very popular with children.

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