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Molecular Biologist Thais Da Rocha Boeira Builds Bridges To USA Public Health Research And Development

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The Covid pandemic has thrust public health concerns into the limelight, receiving constant media coverage and gaining widespread cultural recognition. To address this heightened interest, the World Health Organization and its affiliated NGOs are launching initiatives, and private health firms are increasing their business ventures in this area.

To this end, Brazilian molecular biologist Thais Da Rocha Boeira is bringing her expertise in business and academia to the US, aiming to connect private sector health tech projects with leading-edge researchers in American academia. Such partnerships are more crucial than ever, and Dr. Boeira’s groundbreaking scientific research, as evidenced by her publication on Human papillomavirus detection and typing using a nested-PCR-RFLP assay, makes her uniquely qualified to meet this challenge. Her discovery of a new method of detecting and diagnosing HPV has been hailed as superior to current methods, as it is more sensitive, able to determine the type and whether it is a single or multiple infection, and is also more affordable and user-friendly.

Dr. Boeira’s article, published in the Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases, has had a significant impact on the detection and diagnosis of HPV, particularly in lower and middle-income settings. Her career began with an accelerated biology undergraduate degree, and after graduation, she worked at Simbios Biotecnologia, a company specializing in molecular diagnostics. During her time there, she participated in research and development, including the development of the company’s molecular diagnostic products.

After leaving Simbios, Dr. Boeira pursued a doctoral scholarship at the Lutheran University of Brazil, where she studied under noted Professor Dr Vagner Lunge. Since earning her PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology in 2017, she has continued to contribute to the scientific community by serving on evaluation committees and reviewing scientific manuscripts.

Dr. Boeira’s passion for early detection of HPV continues, and she currently resides in Porto Alegre with her family.

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