Money doesn’t stop when it comes to a celebrity child: actor Zayn Ibad Khan

Both TV and Bollywood actors are still classified in the same way, with the former being considered inferior to the latter. ‘Aashiqana’ Khan’s Zayn Ibad has his own take on the matter.

Television, as well as Bollywood actors, are classified and the former is considered less prestigious compared to the latter. Many said that Bigg Boss 16 OTT is for everyone and does not divide actors according to the platform they are shown on. Zayn Ibad Khan, the actor who stars as Aashiqana for Disney+ Hotstar shares his thoughts.

“I’m interested in who defines them. I believe it’s an actor’s decision to work where they want to work. I believe OTT is a medium through which we can connect with a mass audience. It’s an actor’s decision and it’s often based on circumstances and situations. When actors come to Mumbai to pursue the acting profession and they don’t classify their work as just TV or film work.

They do what they can and once they get enough experience and are established enough, they choose their path.”

With so many platforms producing numerous material, it’s more accessible than it used to be to fulfill your acting ambitions. “The road to showbiz is not straight forward and it wasn’t in the past and it isn’t anymore. After OTT became a reality, an opportunity opened up for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s plain now. Some people may be popular at the beginning of their career, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be able to keep up. That hustle is always there when you’re a superstar kid.”

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When we talk about how the younger actors are different from the seasoned ones, Zayn says he’s also pretty new. “So I don’t know what the difference is, but I think young minds try new things and sometimes that can be great.” But obviously no one can be more truthful and informed than a seasoned actor,” he adds.

Like many other actors, the actor believes that the OTT boom has led to the development of TV shows. Producers now realize that viewers don’t like the same old content but are always looking for something new and relevant.

“Television has seen a significant change. Today, people want to feel more connected, so they will definitely choose things that they feel are relevant. As a person and as an artist, I enjoy being as real and real as I can.” be. I am not convinced that all reality can be considered a crime. Truth is never condemned. If you want to believe the fantasy of denial, things could turn out to be a disaster for them, I think,” the author said.

Aashiqana (Disney+Hotstar) Starrer with Wiki Story, Release Date & Trailer & More

Aashiqana is a new series launched through Disney Plus Hotstar. The first episode of the show will be aired every morning on Hotstar. It is a romantic thriller that tells the story of love and lifelong love in

Laal Rang.   

The plot of the show centers around two hearts wounded by fate who meet through the force of fate. Recently, the trailer of the show was released via Disney Plus Hotstar, in which the central character is a police officer working on his assignment, a girl in love and a serial killer.

The title that the program follows The theme of the program is Aashiqana and Aaz Badlega Jab Murder Me Mausam Me Barsega. This show was directed by Gul Khan who is an established producer of Zee TV.

The show features Zain Ibad Khanand Khushi Dubey as the lead characters. The web series also features Geeta Tyagi Vipul Deshpande Geeta Bisht Anshul Singh and Anshu Srivastava in pivotal roles. Aashiqana will release on June 6, 2022 via Disney Plus Hotstar.

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Aashiqana star Anurag Vyas shares his favorite actor’s name.

Actor AnuragVyas, who is currently in Gul Khan’s ‘Aashiqana’, has revealed that he is a big fan of the famous actor Tom Cruise.

Actor Anurag Vyas, who is currently acting in Gul Khan’s show Aashiqana, has revealed that he is a big fan of the famous actor Tom Cruise.

He has his birthday today. Anurag states, “Tom Cruise has been a source of inspiration for me and I am a great admirer. One of the most important lessons I learned from him was his level of dedication to his work. While he is famous and very successful to the world and the world, he has been known to arrive late on set and is just as dedicated as when he started his professional career.”

“Most people are calm and content after they have achieved some success in life, but this is not Tom Cruise. The lesson to be learned from his experience is to seek and stay hungry for what you want.” Keep the fire burning while you’re young and fresh in business never settle for less than the best.”

Anurag Anurag, who started his acting career in Aap Ke Aa Jane Se and later appeared on screen in Bhakharwadi, Dil Ye Ziddi Hai, Rakshabandhana Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal and many others, appreciates Tom’s ‘go big and go home’ philosophy .

He continues: “However, Cruise never stopped working, even through these difficult times. His ability to focus on his work and ignore any negative media is admirable. Tom’s focus and consistency has led to his career growth over the last decade. People who are as successful as Tom Cruise always has a ‘go big or else’ mindset, that’s why they’re able to make it in the entertainment world like Apne Tv.”

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