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Moonstone Jewelry Meaning, Benefits, And Uses

The world of gemstones and gemology is mystified and brimmed with sorcery. From ancient times, people have bestowed their faith in the efficacy of precious stones for manifestation and healing. And surprisingly enough, they’ve never failed! Whether it is the Egyptians and their unending obsession with stones like Lapis Lazuli or the Greeks and their love for the stunning Amethyst – the fables of healing gemstones and their magical prowess is beyond marvelous.

One such stone whose tales of amazing properties and healing significance is well-known is the forever resplendent Moonstone. Famous for being a wonderful coalesce of beauty and boons, Moonstone is a lovely opalescent stone that can be found in a kaleidoscopic range of hues.

Time and again, this one-of-a-kind stone has stirred the interest of all those who believe in the power of gemstones.

Here in this blog, we’ve summarised everything you need to know about the Moonstone. So, let’s explore!

What is a moonstone and what does it symbolize?:

Belonging to the feldspar family, moonstone is a beautiful opalescent gemstone that is naturally available in a wide range of colors like white, blue, green, pink, and even rainbow. However, the most popular variety of this stunning stone remains to be the colorless one whose authenticity is depicted by the trademark blue sheen that it exhibits.

Just as the name suggests, the breathtakingly gorgeous moonstone symbolizes the beautiful moon. However, it is portrayed differently in different cultures. The Romans admired the moonstone, thinking of it as a frozen form of the rays of the moon. On the contrary, the Greeks revered the moonstone as they believed it to be associated with their deity Selene or the Goddess of the moon and several other deities like Artemis, Aphrodite, Phoebe, and Hecate.

What are the benefits of wearing moonstone jewelry?:

Gemstones hold the capability of turning our lives around. These pretty little stones made into magnificent jewelry pieces not only enhance our look. Mentally, physically, and spiritually – these gemstone-studded ornaments can help us, big time! And moonstone jewelry is no exception, obviously. So, here are some of the benefits of wearing moonstone jewelry that will make you want to buy wholesale moonstone jewelry

  • Physical healing – Wearing moonstone jewelry is thought to be exclusively beneficial, especially for women, and here’s why. Moonstone happens to be an amazing physical healer for females who suffer from ailments like PMS and hormonal imbalance. It also helps with pregnancy-related issues and childbirth. Besides, moonstone also proves to be immensely helpful in treating conditions like psoriasis, insomnia, and hyperactivity!
  • Emotional healing – To reach their full potential, one needs to strike a balance between physical and mental wellness. Well, moonstone is known for helping attain that. From treating conditions like depression and anxiety to making you feel calm and tranquil – wearing moonstone jewelry can do it all. Not only this, it also helps in rooting out negative feelings and harboring positive, good vibes. Just like the moon itself, the moonstone reminds an individual of the ever-changing phases of life and signals them to never give up.
  • Spiritual healing – Again, a very important aspect of everyone’s life – spirituality! Wearing moonstone jewelry is believed to help you gain healthy spiritual balance by helping in strengthening communication and psychic abilities, like telepathy. It also fosters swift spiritual growth and helps in achieving inner balance.

How can you use moonstone in everyday life?:

Oh yes, one can certainly never get enough of wearing splendid moonstone jewelry! But, ever wondered what are the other ways of using moonstone in your daily life for reaping those super-amazing benefits of the gorgeous crystal? Here, read this to find out:

  1. Introducing moonstone in meditation – If meditation is a part of your daily routine, here’s one simple way how you can make it even better. Sit with a moonstone in your hand and meditate as you normally do. Trust us, this one easy addition to your meditation regime will make you feel a lot more calm, relaxed, and peaceful throughout the day.
  • Drinking moonstone-infused water – This may sound ridiculous, but is actually quite a godsend. Just put a moonstone inside your water bottle and let it sit all through the night. Next up, drink this moonstone-infused water in the morning right after your meditation and workout. This will help you with so many health issues, we can’t even begin the list.
  • Using moonstone as a piece of home decor – We all love moonstone because of the aesthetic aspect associated with it. So, why not use it as a piece of home decor? You won’t believe it, but it’s said that placing moonstones in different parts of the house welcomes good health and fortune and helps in warding off negative energies and mishaps. Amazing, isn’t it?!

Moonstone is a terrific crystal that can be used in several ways to do away with all the issues circling your life. However, using it in the form of jewelry is perhaps the best idea. So the next time when you’re out and about looking for the perfect handmade silver jewelry, we hope you spare this lovely gemstone, a thought.


Associated with the Greek goddesses of love and moon, Moonstone isn’t only an aesthetically pleasing crystal but also a cherished and highly valued gemstone – all thanks to its phenomenal benefits for the body, mind, and soul. Oops, you don’t know about these? Don’t worry, read this article to find out everything about moonstone jewelry.

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