More Rain, Means Leaking RV Roofs

If you love the outdoors and like to do camping, RVs are the best way to make the most out of the experience. However, these recreational vehicles are a significant investment, and it is only natural that you would like them to last a lifetime. That being said, if you take good care of them, they can have a good long life. 

Therefore, when you get an RV, it is important to be well-informed about how to maintain it and resolve the RV repair issues as soon as they occur. One of the most common yet deceiving issues you may face is a leaking roof. Not only is it a nuisance, but if you do not get the RV roof repair work done on time, it can cause further damage to your RV.

Various components, including the fans, antennas, air conditioners, solar panels, if any, vents, and seams are all fixed to the RV roof, while the cords are running through the roof structure. If a leak goes unnoticed or is not tended to in time, you can only imagine the kind of repercussions it can have.

However, do not despair, as while a leaking roof is a commonly occurring issue, Trademasters can assist you in addressing the problem in due time. The RV repair and rot services offered by Trademasters entail proficient RV roof repair work. However, first, let’s understand the common causes behind a leaking RV roof and what you can do in this regard.

Reasons for a leaking RV roof

Here are a few reasons why your RV roof is leaking. 


One of the most common reasons for a leaking roof is the vehicle’s aging over time. While RVs can last for many years, depending on the quality of care and maintenance, the vehicle’s aging causes the roof to become weak over time and may cause it to leak. If your RV is old, you may face various issues like engine acting up, brake malfunctions, oil drying up, and of course, a leak in the roof.

Physical damage

Another common reason for a leak in the RV’s roof is some form of physical damage inflicted as a result of an accident. While we cater to the bigger dents right away, we tend to brush off the minor issues caused due to a low-hanging branch, a small branch falling on the roof, or an abrasion caused by a tree. Over time, these small dents or punctures degrade and can turn into splits if not taken care of in time. 

However, not to worry! If you require RV repair services of any kind, Trademasters is here to help! 

Prolonged exposure to rain or snow

If you have taken a heavy-duty trip, your RV may have undergone lots of wear and tear due to exposure to various elements like sunlight, dust, storms, strong winds, rain, or even snow. If you are fond of camping during the winters, there is a high chance your RV is out on the road frequently while it is raining or snowing. 

You might not realize it but weather elements are all very harsh for your vehicle, and over time, they can slowly but surely cause the condition of your RV to deteriorate and cause massive damage to its roof. 

If you plan to go camping during the upcoming winter season, your RV will have considerable exposure to rain and snow again. If there were any previous, ongoing issues with the roof, exposure to the harsh weather would only worsen the roof’s condition, so it is better to tend to it before you take it out again.

Improper sealing

Similarly, an improperly sealed rooftop or failed sealant can be a precursor to a major leak problem, and you may have a huge issue at your hands sooner than you expect.

How do I detect a roof leak?

You might not be aware of it, but your RV may leak without noticing any change. A leak in your RV roof can let water seep through the roof without becoming noticeable for some time. A small dent, puncture or an improperly applied sealant can cause minor leaks that can compound if they are unnoticed for a prolonged time. When you notice a stain in your roof liner or have water drops inside the vehicle, it may be too late. 

It is why it is important to carry out a thorough check on your vehicle, particularly if you are planning to go on a road trip and expect to be on the road for a prolonged period. For instance, if you are considering getting your RV winter ready for camping or hunting expeditions, it is better to inspect it and get repair work done before you gear up for the trip. 

Here is a checklist you can consider while physically inspecting your RV.

  • Check the seams, vents, antennas, and edges around the ACs to find cracks, if any.
  • Check for any discoloration on your wall or roof. Sometimes the area becomes soft due to water seeping through the roof or the wall.
  • Examine the storage cabinets in the exterior part of the RV.
  • Also, thoroughly inspect the interior of the RV, including the cupboards or cabinets, bathroom, furnace, or other water inlets.

RV Roof Repair at Trademasters

Since identifying the initial signs of a roof leak is critical, it is important that you run a thorough check and get it right to address the issue in time. However, if you are in doubt, Trademasters can help you with that.

Our RV repair division can conduct a thorough water leak testing to ascertain the nature and extent of the problem, if any. We can perform resealing on your RV roof, windows, vents, doors, and corners. If there is damage to the roof due to an accident or rotting due to prolonged water damage, we can cater to these issues as well.

Moreover, if your RV roof is damaged beyond repair, Trademasters offers roof replacement services to restore your RV in perfect condition. 

So, if you are getting your RV winter-ready, head over to Trademasters for a thorough inspection and repair work, if any, before you head out for a winter camping adventure. Our team of professionals will address your concerns and ensure your RV is in perfect working condition. 

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