Most Famous Sports Bettors in the World Today

Some people love to gamble; some people love sports. The two are combined to produce some of the most famous sports bettors in today’s world. There’s something about betting on sports that just captures the public’s attention. Perhaps it’s the thrill of rooting for your favorite team and hoping they come out on top of the excitement of watching a closely contested matchup unfold. Or, maybe it’s simply the money to be made by betting on the proper outcomes.

Whatever the cause, sports betting is a worldwide phenomenon that keeps gaining momentum. But you can’t become a successful sports bettor overnight, can you? It takes a lot more.

Traits of a Successful Bettor:

Every successful gambler has three main traits: patience, discipline, and intelligence.

  • First off, successful gamblers need to be patient. It means waiting for the right opportunity to place your bets instead of just throwing money at any game that is happening. It also means maximizing your chances by using promos and bonuses. You can check out and apply BetMGM Kentucky bonus codes since it’s launching soon.
  • You also need discipline not to overreact when you lose a few games in a row; remember, it’s all part of the process.
  • Finally, intelligence is critical. It means understanding the games you are betting on as well as the odds and how they are changing.

Let’s look at some ways the big names from the world of sports betting made their fortunes.

You Don’t Score Without A Good Team.

Becoming a successful sports bettor starts with having the correct information, and the Internet has made it easier than ever to obtain all kinds of data about teams and players.

Some websites provide insights into injuries or matchups between different athletes, giving you a leg up over other bettors who don’t do their research. Don’t waste another minute before looking up bookies reviews; that’s your entry ticket to a successful start!

Have a Strategy, My Friend

But even armed with all of this information, becoming a successful sports bettor is not easy. It takes a long time and undying effort to learn about the sport you’re betting on, understand how to read odds, and place intelligent bets. Billy Walters, for example, didn’t manage to keep a track record of 30 years of winning streak by accident! Because I want you to make grand, I’ll share a tip.

Billy Walters’ Strong Suit:

Walters looks for “sure things” – bets so sure that he can lay down only a fraction of the potential winnings and still make a profit. For example, in 1997, he bet $400k on the Los Angeles Dodgers to win their first playoff series against the Atlanta Braves. He got odds of -260 (risking $260 to win $100).

Why was Billy Walters confident about this? Well, because he had an “inside source.” Thanks to this, Billy walked away with $550k in profit. Not bad for one day’s work! And he did it repeatedly – earning millions of dollars every single year using this strategy. It is no wonder that information is king!

Know the Sport Before Becoming a Spot!

One of the most important things you need to do before becoming a sports bettor is to know as much about the sport as possible. It means knowing all the teams, players, and stats inside out. If you don’t have this level of knowledge, it will be tough to make successful bets.

If you want to learn, learn from professionals! John Morrison, for instance, has made millions from his bets. He first got into it by closely following teams and players, studying their form, and then placing bets accordingly.

One interesting thing about John is that he never gambled with his money – he always used other people’s! You should consider doing it if you are interested in becoming a sports bettor. You can check his Sports Betting Champ website if you really want to learn.

Betting Is More About Brains, Less About the Age!

Parlay Patz, heard of this young 23-year-old? When it comes to placing bets, he is a prodigy. For example, he has made more than $100K in a single year. Patz was still in college but managed to quit his studies and work full-time as a sports bettor!

He did it by treating betting like any other business – with brains, discipline, and hard work. What worked for him was keeping spreads away from his parlay bets. He opted for big Moneyline s instead.

Going Live in 1,2,3!

Have you ever considered how exciting it would be to bet on Twitter as the viewing audience listens? Oh wait, you’d need followers first! Nevertheless, it is pretty amazing! And it’s not new! So Money, the self-proclaimed “King of Twitter Sports Betting,” has been doing it for years!

In 2012, he made nearly $120K just by tweeting out his bets! That’s pretty impressive if you ask me. You can even find some archived tweets where he won big time! It just goes to show that following the right person can pay off!

Every Small Bet Counts!

Some rookies believe that starting small can’t get them anywhere. But they are wrong! The small bets become big one’s overtime that makes a difference.

Just ask Tony Kornheiser, a famous sports columnist and broadcaster in the United States. He started with betting $20 on games when he was just beginning! And now, years later, his bets are much larger but still manageable for the everyday Joe like you and me.

Oh, and have you heard of the story of Marco D’Angelo? In 2016, he bet only $11 on a game and won $51,000! That’s pretty insane, right? So don’t be afraid to make small bets because they can add up over time!


If you want to be included in one of those lucky people who hit it big in sports betting, then it’s time for you to start learning about the most famous sports bettors in the world today. These people have made a name for themselves by betting on sports, and they can teach you a lot about how to win big.

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