Motorcycle accident ended with death in Australia!

A woman died in a motorcycle accident in the town of Mittagong, in New South Wales, Australia.

A few days ago, the driver of the car was uninjured in the accident that occurred as a result of the collision of the car and the motorcycle.

The 68-year-old driver, who was driving after the accident, was taken to the local hospital for mandatory testing.

The police, who were interested in the accident, launched a comprehensive investigation into how the incident occurred.

After the reports prepared, the details of the accident will be revealed.

Motorcycle accidents are on the rise in Australia, fortunately the death rate is on the decline.

According to a study, accidents in Australia increase in 2021 compared to the previous year, while death rates due to motorcycle accidents tend to decrease.

More than half of the drivers surveyed in Australia think that motorcyclists should be treated tolerantly in traffic.

There were a total of 2081 motorbike fatalities in Australia between 2011 and 2020. While this statistic has been decreasing over the last decade, more efforts are needed to lower the overall number of motorcycle deaths.

Some statistics on Motorcycle accident in Australia

  • The 40–64-year-old age group had the highest number of fatalities, with 119 fatalities in a single year in 2016.
  • From 2011 to 2020, New South Wales has the greatest number of motorcycle deaths out of all states. (If you are injured in a car accident in New South Wales, you can contact the compensation lawyers in Sydney to find out your rights.)
  • Western Australia also has the highest rate of motorbike ownership of any state studied.
  • The 10% of motorcyclists who do not know that a helmet is a must for motorcyclists is quite surprising.

Most known causes of motorcycle accidents

  1. Not having the necessary training: When motorcycle accidents are examined, it is generally understood that the individual involved in the accident either does not have a driver’s license or has not received training in driving techniques. One of the most known causes of accidents is that individuals who ride motorcycles by learning from their surroundings do not know how to behave in the face of dangerous situations that may occur in traffic.
  2. Not respecting the motorcycle’s right of way: Every motor vehicle (except for official vehicles such as ambulance and fire brigade) has the same rights in traffic, but most of the time, car, truck, and minibus drivers act rudely without respecting these rights. In particular, not counting the motorcycle as a vehicle and not respecting the passage is another cause of motorcycle accidents. Considering these and similar situations, motorcycle drivers should avoid dangerous movements.
  3. Road Defects Affect Driving: Potholes or uneven ground on the roads cause the driver to lose control, resulting in motorcycle accidents.
  4. Violation of traffic rules: Many accidents occur due to crossing a red light, overtaking incorrectly or not paying attention to speed limits, and as a result, those involved in the accident suffer great damage.
  5. Drunk driving: Although drunk driving and speeding is tried to be stopped by law, it cannot be prevented due to the arbitrary behaviour of the drivers. Because alcohol causes distraction and uncontrolled driving, it causes major accidents even in a simple situation. High speed, on the other hand, prevents the desired movements in risky situations by eliminating the reaction time and invites motorcycle accidents.
  6. Being careless in bad weather conditions: The possibility of losing control in bad weather conditions is many times easier than in normal driving. Since the slightest mistake can cause irreversible events, we can qualify carelessness in bad weather conditions as one of the known causes of motorcycle accidents.
  7. Inappropriate attire chosen by the driver (wearing invisible clothing, so to speak): One of the most heard phrases from drivers in motorcycle accidents is that they cannot see the oncoming motorcycle or driver, and that’s why the accident happened.

So, what should you do if you happen to be involved in an accident?

If you have an accident, of course you should seek medical treatment first. If you are not injured, you should see if there are any injuries and if there is anyone who needs your help.

If possible, gather as much evidence as possible at the accident scene. Because after your accident, you may have the entitlement to claim compensation. You can easily handle the documents required for this, the time required for the application, with the help of accident lawyers.For example, if you have been in a car accident in Western Australia, the injury lawyers in Perth will provide you with all of the necessary information.

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