Motorcycle riding safety guide

Motorcycles help us to reach destinations in a short period and save a lot of time. Aside from that, this thrilling activity can cheer up our mood while offering multiple health benefits. However, it’s also considered one of the most dangerous vehicles. Every year, a lot of bikers get injured and even die in fatal road accidents. Make sure to follow these instructions for a safe motorcycle expedition:

Take professional training

This step is mandatory for all bikers, especially beginners. Even if you know everything about motorcycles, it reaffirms your techniques, improves postures, and teaches more safety tricks. Such a training course also prepares us for dangerous situations on the read. 

Never cross the speed limit

It is needless to mention that over-speeding increases the risk of automobile crashes. Studies found that such incidents are much more dangerous than regular collisions due to the high kinetic energy of speedy vehicles. Of course, this habit can drag you to court and drain your pockets as penalties. People can also lose their driving license followed by a few warnings. 

Keep your eyes on your mirrors 

Front mirrors are a great attachment to see the conditions of nearby vehicles. You must check them before making a turn to avoid clashes. Besides, they give a better view of our surroundings so that we can decide our next move wisely. They’re a boon for beginners.

Keep distance from blind spots

Blind spots refer to locations that are invisible to drivers. They can’t spot other small vehicles through the mirror while driving. That’s why you should always keep your bike in the safe zone to stay safe from potential crashes. 

Stop driving between cars

Since motorcycles can fit in a small space, some bikers try to drive in between two cars. This stunt may seem time-saving, but it takes a lot of lives every year. Any sudden movements of those cars can create a collision within milliseconds and hit your bike before you can do something. 

Do routine checks

Mechanical failure is one of the top causes of all motor vehicle accidents. So, inspect your bike before starting your journey. Check the tire, mirrors, horns, engine health, and other parts carefully. Take a good look at the bolts because loose ones can lead to serious malfunctions. 

Get familiar with street signs 

Traffic signs play a crucial role in road safety. They deliver guidelines about upcoming turns, road layouts, dangers, directions, precautions, speed limits, construction information, etc. You need to understand what they mean and follow instructions accordingly.

Always wear helmets

Helmets are the most important safety gear you should wear before a ride. It protects against head injuries, flying debris, and adverse weather events. Plus, you can find helmets in numerous styles, color combinations, and padding from which you can choose one according to your need. 

Say no to drunk-driving

Drunk driving is a crime in many countries because it can result in serious accidents. Most of the time, this behavior causes huge monetary damage and injuries. If someone dies, gets injured, or loses property because of others’ drunk driving, they/ their family members can take legal action.

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