Motorcycle shipping – what you need to know

Motorcycles are dangerous. But the purpose of this publication is not to lecture you about the safety and risks that come with driving motorbikes. It’s to explain why it’s better to trust the professionals when you want to keep your bike in perfect condition.

If you own a motorcycle (and you probably do, hence the reason you are reading this text) you know how important it is to have a good maintenance routine.

Some people might say that a car needs to be taken care of as well, which is absolutely true. The difference is that a motorcycle is much more “fragile”. Even a small accident on the road can completely destroy it.

That’s why owners should be extra careful, especially when they need to move it to a distant location. In this situation it’s recommended that you use motorcycle shipping services.

That may seem like an easy task but there are a lot of people who are reluctant to give their property to another person. Most of the times the reason for that is the lack of trust and that’s exactly why you should do your research and find a company which can truly help you.

There are many websites on the internet that offer free shipping quotes. is one of them. Visit their page to get the full information about the whole process of transportation.

What to look for

Even if you have the necessary equipment for the job, motorcycle shipping can be a challenge. Yes, a pick-up truck can do the job but if the motorbike is heavy you are constantly going to worry when you need to make a turn or speed up.

The demand for motorbikes is high. Most people (primarily rookie riders) decide to buy a second hand bike because they don’t know whether they are going to like riding at all. Others don’t want to take the risk of spending too much money on a new bike before acquiring the proper skills. Like we mentioned, bikes can be damaged very easily and are hard to fix.

Most of the times people decide to use a motorcycle shipping service because they sold their old bike and need to transport it to the new owner. If you are in this situation you want to be sure that the buyer gets his bike in perfect condition. Put yourself in his shoes and imagine how disappointed he would feel if he doesn’t get what he paid for.

Trusting the professionals is essential. But you don’t have to do that blindly. Every time you are about to buy something or use a service you should be well prepared and have some knowledge about how you should proceed.

A motorcycle transport company should meet the highest standards. You can find out if it does when you read reviews, ask questions and receive information about how the job is done.

Most shippers offer insurance. That’s good because you can’t know what’s going to happen. If your bike is exceptionally valuable you may want to get an additional insurance.

Quality is probably the most important factor. Sure, you should compare prices and decide which one fits your preferences. But you won’t be relocating your motorbike very often so why not save yourself the trouble and go for the more expensive but safer option.

Be demanding

You should never be willing to compromise your standards when it comes to shipping your motorcycle. A good motorcycle shipping company knows what value motorbikes have in the eyes of their owners.

That’s why you should look for one that understands your needs and wants you to be fully satisfied. If you are having a hard time finding such a company you can visit – a company which maintains high standards and has a reputation based of professionalism.

There you can get acquainted with more information about the process of motorcycle transport and get a reasonable quote.

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