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Movie ‘Jerry and Marge Go Large’ Tells the Story of the Couple Who Took Advantage of Lottery Loophole

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The retired couple Jerry and Marge were working hard to live a good life, but luck seemed to be escaping them all the time. They had to sell their convenience store at a time when they needed it most. Jerry Selbee had spent many years studying patterns in gambling. His lucky day finally came after he discovered a loophole in playing the Winfall game in Michigan and Massachusetts. The couple lives in Evart, Michigan and they narrate their true story in the movie ‘Jerry and Marge Go Large’.

Generating $27 million over nine years

Jerry and Marge took advantage of the fast-growing US gambling market which reached nearly $53 billion in gross revenue in 2021. The US online casino market is forecasted to grow at 16.4% year to year to reach $7.68 billion by 2028. Jerry and Marge resolved to exploit the loophole to the maximum. They even alerted their friends and neighbors who spend hours daily gambling and this went on for years. By the end of 9 years, Jerry and Marge had raked in $27 million in cash. 

How the Winfall Game was set

The now-defunct Winfall game was different from other lottery games. It was set with a simple gambling strategy to follow where the pot would roll down every time it hit above $5 million, and there was no winner. That means the winners in the lower tiers would benefit from the jackpot. This is different from other jackpots, where the pot keeps growing as long as there is no winner. 

Jerry and Marge knew exactly when to buy tickets that would pay off. He noted that the Winfall game rolled down every six weeks. He would wait until that time to buy tickets and thus lost very few. He consistently used this strategy for nine years and netted millions of dollars. Based on the game rules, there was nothing illegal that Jerry and Marge were doing and they were never sued. 

The movie is streaming on Paramount+

The movie is trending in the US and is one of the best 2022 films to watch. It is streaming exclusively on Paramount+. The main characters in the movie are Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening. Also included are Anna Camp, Jake McDorman, Larry Wilmore, Ann Harada, Rainn Wilson, Uly Schlesinger, and Michael McKean. It is inspired by the wild story of Jerry and Marge after Jerry Selbee discovered a math loophole in the Massachusetts lottery. 

With support from his wife, Marge Bening, they won millions and used the money to revive Evert Township, Michigan. Jerry is now a grandfather at 83, and his wife a happy grandmother at 84. He told a story that he started the gambling adventure mostly because he felt bored. The Winfall game gave them an activity to do every six weeks and the experience was entirely different. The couple made enough money to go camping, picnics, rock picking, and many other hobbies.  

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