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Moving to Dallas: The Complete Relocation Guide by Experts

Moving to Dallas - A Complete Dallas Moving Guide

As the fifth largest metropolitan economy in the United States and one of the fastest growing economies in the entire country, Dallas has recently become the target destination for most business people. With its warm Spring and Summer seasons, Dallas weather has also got something nice for you to keep you excited about moving to the city.

But moving to the city for the first time, you would probably be wondering how you can get about your move, the best neighborhoods, how to cope with the new environment and so on. Well, you are not alone here, and that is exactly why we are also here. 

In this article, we shall provide you with a complete relocation guide from the Green Van Lines, as experts in Moving to Dallas. We shall also take you through all you need to know before and about moving to Dallas. Our mission is to ensure that we provide you with Dallas moving services that will meet exactly the experience and satisfaction that you ever wanted.

What you need to know before moving to Dallas

Simple facts about Dallas City

  • Dallas city is the largest metropolitan city in the United States
  • Dallas has a job growth percent of 2.4 per year, which is one of the highest in the country
  • After Houston and San Antonio, Dallas is the third largest city in the state of Texas.

Dallas weather

Yes, we understand that you are thinking of the weather in Dallas first, you want to know how you will prepare for life in the city. The fact is that Dallas city is for people who are in love with sunshine and warm weather. Its humid and tropical climate is just suitable for warmth. You need to prepare for the use of an air conditioner during summer, especially if you are an indoor type. Prepare for the coldest months in Dallas between December and February during which the temperature would fall to between 45 to 50 Fahrenheit.

Transportation in Dallas

Getting your own car to Dallas is the ultimate as it would help you navigate the city and its suburbs just like the residents do. But just in case you rather use the city transport, Dallas Area Rapid Transit has you covered for all your movements by rail and by bus.

Cost of living in Dallas

One of the good things about Dallas city is that there is no income tax, while its median salary is as high as $42,000 annually. Buying an apartment of your own in Dallas can go for $400,000 for two and three bedroom flats.

The city’s demography

Dallas city has a predominantly white population with an even spread of male and female population. The city has about 37.9% Spanish speaking population and some 56.4% English speaking population. 

How do you go about your moving to dallas

Having researched and known facts about life in Dallas city, next is to begin your preparations for moving. The guide for your preparations for moving to Dallas can be classified into three: drawing a checklist, hiring a moving company and packaging and sorting.

Draw a checklist

Your checklist is the foremost thing that comes to mind once you have concluded plans to move to Dallas. Your checklist guides the entire process of your moving and helps you monitor and check your moving progress. Your checklist contains the program of your moving against time and dates. If your entire Moving would take three or four weeks, it reflects here on your checklist, including the tasks mapped out for each week, such as washing your properties, painting your house, packaging, packing, sorting out and many more.

Hiring a moving company

One very important guide to a successful relocation to Dallas city is hiring a professional moving company that would ensure that your moving to Dallas is perfectly carried out without damages and delays. You need an experienced moving company like the Green Van Lines that is reliable, trustworthy, experienced and committed to their job. At Green Van Lines, we are not only reliable, we are also licensed and insured, and our address is open and traceable. We are a professional moving company in Dallas, and we offer Professional Dallas moving services, including local moving, long distance moving, commercial moving, and full storage services. Our combination of experience and skill makes us the perfect choice for your move. We equally protect your items during shipping while remaining environmentally conscious.

Sorting and packing

Sorting your properties is about the last stage of your moving process before the day of moving itself. Sort your properties in three categories: dispose, donate and move. With the dispose category you gather all materials in your home which you no longer either need and which you can no longer give out to someone. You simply have to dispose of these properties in order not to complicate your moving unnecessarily.

The second is the “donate” category. Gather those materials and properties which you personally no longer need, but which are valuable enough to be given and used by someone else. Clean and package them and give them to your friends or those whom you think will find them valuable.

The “move” category has to do with those properties which you are ready to move with. First properly clean them, dry them and pack them accordingly. Your packing also invoked labeling the properties, including the rooms and spaces which you want them to be in the new home. If you have paid for packing with us at  Green Van Lines, we shall provide the packing materials as well as do the packing ourselves, while you relax and monitor your moving. 

Our satisfaction is to see that you experience a stress-free moving and that you do not sustain any damage or injuries in the course of your moving. We provide Professional Dallas moving services that will fulfill your dream moving experience. Contact us for your local and across state move.

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