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How often do your failures are celebrated? You might be interested in learning more about a museum dedicated to celebrating the failures and successes of famous companies. Keep reading for more information about this intriguing concept.

People from Canada love to learn more about these concepts and they look forward visiting the Museum of Failure Calgary. Canadians are excited about this unique perspective, thanks to the recent opening. Let’s discover more information about the museum and the innovations it displays.

Calgary Museum of Failure

The Calgary Museum of Failure opened its doors on the 1st of July 2022 in Calgary, Canada. The museum can be found at Southcentral Mall. Online ticket booking is available. More than 130 failed inventions are represented in the collection.

The museum’s curator, Dr Samuel West is a licensed psychologist. The idea of the museum’s curator is a productive one. It allows for constructive discussion, and helps to learn from and inspire others.

Museum of Failure Calgary

  • Failure Calgary was introduced in Helsingborg Sweden. The museum gained popularity later on and held successful exhibits at Paris, Shanghai, Los Angeles.
  • Lucas McCarthy, Showpass CEO and founder of Calgary Museum of Failure, was the one who organized it.
  • The museum will be open for visitors until 31 August 2022.
  • Showpass allows you to purchase tickets online.
  • General visitors between the ages of 13 and 64 pay $28.11CAD plus tax.
  • Children 5-12 years old are charged $21.93CAD plus tax. Senior citizens 65+ are charged $23.99CAD plus tax.

Major failures at Calgary Museum

The Museum of Failure Calgary has listed the most notable failed innovations below:

  • Nike Magneto (1995-1997): Nike Magneto was the coolest eyewear, endorsed by athletes. It was discovered that magnetic glueing is problematic.
  • Toshiba HD DVD (2006-2008). Toshiba introduced blue laser HD formats to rival Sony. However, it failed to gain support and lost more than 1 billion dollars.
  • Apple Newton (1993-1998): Apple Newton was created as a personal digital assistant using a touch screen. Its slowness and inaccuracy in handwriting recognition led to it being heavily criticised. Steve Jobs ended the Newton project upon his 1997 return. Learn more about the Museum of Failure Calgary.
  • Google Wave (2009-2010): Google’s attempt to create a powerful communication tool has failed.

Comments on Calgary Museum of Failure

  • Michelle Beldi, a visiting visitor, stated that she had great fun at the museum.
  • Joshua Harrop was another visitor who was amazed at the unsuccessful innovations.
  • Lucas McCarthy said that the show is his attempt at promoting innovation and creativity.


Modern society does not recognize the importance of learning from failures. The Museum of Failure reminds people that failure is a part of the process.

What are your thoughts about the Museum of Failure Calgary Your thoughts are welcome below.

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