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My Philippines Travel Level com – All the Details You Need to Know!

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This article tells readers all about the My Philippines travel level com application and provides detailed information.

Do you want to know more about the website that provides travel information? My Philippines Travel Level.com is a website that provides information about travel in the Philippines as well as other countries.

Read the entire article to learn everything about the My Philippines travel level com site and how it works.

What is My Philippines travel level.com?

This website informs users about the percentage of travel they have done in the Philippines. The website shows how little-traveled the user is in the country, and what parts they have yet to explore. The idea for the website was inspired by Japan, and it is built using ReactJS.

How Does the Philippines travel level app Work?

The user will see a map divided into 83 provinces of the Philippines when they log in. Choose the location on the map, then select the level of travel. Each level contains different information, including:

  • If you live there, then you must spend a lot of time in the area.
  • You spent at least one night in the area.
  • Explored the area for a few hours.
  • Drop off for a brief time, such as a layover, stopover or transfer.
  • You haven’t been there before.
  • The area was passed but not entered.

The score is automatically updated in My Philippines travel level com. You will discover more about the Philippines the more you use these apps.

How was My Philippines Travel created?

A software engineer named Denz Del Villar created it after seeing a similar app while in Japan. Denz del Villar, a software engineer from the Philippines, saw the Japanese version while he was in Japan in 2019. He then thought of creating a similar app to serve the Philippines.

He began creating the Philippines version on April 5, 2023 during a 10-hour layover at Singapore. He posted a story to his Instagram account on April 13, 2023 showing his Philippines Travel score.

Customer feedback on the application

My Philippines travel level com provides the user with all the information about the application, and briefly describes the creator. It’s too early to discuss customer reviews since the application was just launched.

When the app was downloaded, it showed the travel level of many well-known faces in the Philippines. This included VP Leni Roberto. The app shows that Robredo only lives in two places, Camarines Sur, and Metro Manila.

Social media platforms were used by other politicians and former presidents to share their scores and support the application.

Final Words

Slowly, the My Travel level app is gaining recognition among celebrities and the public. We’ll wait to see more reviews before we decide if the app is worth it.

What do you think of the app? Please leave a comment.

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