NBA 23 – Lance Stephenson’s ‘Nightmare’ Rendition

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The latest ‘Nightmare’ basketball cards are now in NBA 23, in commemoration with Halloween.

You can find many great player cards that you can recruit for your own MT squad today, and among them is of Indiana Pacers’ newest addition, Lance Stephenson!

Stephenson is a remarkable player who plays extremely well all over the basketball court, most notably due to his playmaking and defensive capabilities.

Stephenson has played for more than 8 professional basketball teams in the NBA, but his current Diamond ‘Nightmare’ Player Card represents his time with Indiana Pacers, the team that he had just transferred to starting from 2022.

Here’s a look at some of Stephenson’s best in-game stats:

(SG/SF) Lance Stephenson’s Diamond ‘Nightmare’ Player Card: OVR 94

  • Acceleration (Athleticism): 92
  • Stamina (Athleticism): 92
  • Speed (Athleticism): 90
  • Offensive Consistency (Shooting): 90
  • Hands (Inside Scoring): 90

Plus, Stephenson also enjoys impressive Badges like:

  • Finishing
    • Slithery (Hall of Fame)
    • Acrobat (Gold)
    • Bully (Gold)
    • Fearless Finisher (Gold)
    • Giant Slayer (Gold)
    • Etc.
  • Shooting
    • Green Machine (Gold)
    • Middy Magician (Gold)
    • Slippery Off-Ball (Gold)
    • Space Creator (Gold)
    • Catch and Shoot (Gold)
    • 2 others
  • Playmaking
    • Ankle Breaker (Gold)
    • Dimer (Gold)
    • Floor General (Gold)
    • Handles for Days (Gold)
    • Hyperdrive (Gold)
    • A few more
  • Defensive
    • Challenger (Hall of Fame)
    • Off-Ball Pest (Hall of Fame)
    • Rebound Chaser (Hall of Fame)
    • Anchor (Gold)
    • Chase Down Artist (Gold)
    • Many others!

Stephenson’s new ‘Nightmare’ Player Card could be a perfect fit for any basketball team in MT, and you might also be interested in recruiting him inside your own line-up too.

The only way to acquire Stephenson’s new card is via Nightmare Packs that will be available from 28th October (Friday) till 4th November (Friday) next week.

Afterwards, you might need to try your luck from the Auction House instead, probably costing a lot of MT Coins for you to buy the card in the game.

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