NBA 2K22 Unveils Enhanced Gameplay and New Features

2K Sports shows the enhanced gameplay and introduces new features of NBA 2K22 publicly. This generation of works will have faster-paced gameplay, more compact and sensitive shift movements, more emphasis on the offensive skills of the ball, and major changes in player creation tools. New features have been added into NBA 2K series constantly, but the same is the NBA 2K22 MT is still the important currency of this new installment.


Our main goal for defense is to provide players with tools that can really reverse the results of the battle between the court and the basket. If you are a strong perimeter defense who is good at predicting the opponent’s intentions, then we hope you can clamp the dribble and force the opponent to pass the ball. If you are defending the penalty zone, we hope that you can block weak shots as you like!

Next-generation defense

When defending on the field, the squeeze and defense of physical contact is particularly refreshing, and the translation, take-off, stop and cut feel more compact, and thanks to the improvement of landing skills, players will see a significant reduction in slippage at both offensive and defensive position. Defense is also a major focus of next-generation artificial intelligence. The new ball-holding defensive positioning system logic allows defenders to have a more consistent positioning performance no matter how far away from the basket. This part, coupled with the improvement of the action, allows us to be more refined in the overall defensive position, which means that Xbox Series X|S players will feel a more stressful defensive performance with the ball than last year.


This year’s goal is to combine “basic fancy dribble” and “signature fancy dribble”, so that each player has a unique feeling and rhythm when fancy dribble, while allowing players to fully control the way the series of actions are carried out.


NBA 2K22’s shooting has also undergone many changes. There is a brand new shooting scale in the game, as well as a goal space that will be dynamically resized. This space will become larger if you choose a top-rated shooter and get the high-quality shots, but if you are severely interrupted, and choose low-rated shooters, or make shots in a tired state, this space will shrink. The main factor affecting the success rate of shooting this year is the player’s shooting IQ. A team that works hard to find neutrals and seizes a good timing of shots will have more success than a team that insists on taking shots. We have conducted a lot of focus group tests on the new shooting mechanism, recruiting players of various skill levels, and we believe that we will be able to create the best shooting experience in NBA 2K history.

New Badges

When NBA 2K21 was released, we launched a new player creation tool for the first time, allowing players to set the upper limit of attributes according to their preferences. This year we made a lot of adjustments to the system, including a significant increase in the number of badge points that players can use, making it easier for players to identify the available badges, the cost of each level, and the attribute threshold required by each level.

There is only two days left since the release of NBA 2K22, which will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox platforms on September 10, 2021. Finding the best place to buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT Coins and Points is one of the primary thing that players want to figure out! Today, you do not need find the answer of the perfect place to purchase NBA 2K MT for that you will find the answer at the secure trading platform!

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