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Net Worth Andrew Cuomo 2021 Who’s Andrew Cuomo?

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Do you want to know more about the net worth and assets of famous politicians? You might also be interested in Andrew Cuomo’s net worth. Continue reading to learn more about the Net worth Andrew Cuomo 2021 according to our research.

He is an American politician, lawyer, and author hailing from the United States Andrew Cuomo. His net worth keeps growing. Find out more about Cuomo’s net worth and the factors that influenced it to rise.

Who’s Andrew Cuomo?

Andrew Mark Cuomo is the famous politician who served New York’s 56th Governor. In 2010, he was elected New York’s governor. He is a prolific author and a skilled lawyer by trade. Learn more about Net Worth Andrew Cuomo

Personal life:

  • Kerry Kennedy was his wife. Kerry Kennedy, whose father was Robert F. Kennedy.
  • Three daughters were born to the couple. The first was twin sisters Mariah Matilda Kennedy Cuomo (and Cara Ethel Kennedy Cuomo), who were born in 1995.
  • Their third child, Michaela Andrea Kennedy Cuomo, was born in 1997.
  • The couple divorced in 2005. He began dating Sandra Lee after separating from Kerry Kennedy. They moved to Westchester County, New York.
  • They announced their separation in 2009 Continue reading to learn more about Net Worth Andrew Cuomo 2020


  • He was a well-known politician, an outstanding lawyer, and a prolific writer. His royalties from books increase his net worth.
  • His first book, “Crossroads”: The Future of American Politics, was his debut.
  • In 2014, he also published “All Things Possible”: Setbacks in Politics and Success in Life. This book was only limited in number.
  • He published his book “American Crisis: Leadership Lesons from the COVID-19 pandemic”, in October 2020. Cuomo had sought $4 million from The New York Times to obtain the rights to the book.

Net Worth Andrew Cuomo 2021

  • Andrew Cuomo’s net worth is currently above $6 million. His current net worth comes mainly from his career as a politician, and as a professional lawyer.
  • He has held prestigious positions at well-respected firms, earning him a large salary as a lawyer.
  • He was a politician and held top positions in the government. His net worth increased significantly when he was appointed secretary of state and assistant secretary. He started to receive a $200,000 annual salary after he was elected Governor of New York.


According to the research on net worth Andrew Cuomo 2021 Andrew Cuomo was a great politician, just like his father Mario Cuomo who was a three-term New York Governor. Cuomo is also a great philanthropist, having donated $500,000 to charity funds. If you are a responsible citizen and have any additional information, please share it with our team.

This link will take you to Andrew Cuomo’s website.

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