New Gold Custom Purdue Football Jerseys Are Unveiled For Homecoming

New gold Custom Purdue Football jerseys will be worn by the Purdue football team during Saturday’s Homecoming game. Here’s the latest custom NCAA jersey release for next season

When the Boilermakers switched from Champion to Nike before the 2002 season, they unveiled gold jerseys as their dominant home look. They had a record of 5-3 while wearing the jerseys, which had a black collar and cuffs and white numbers with black outline. They lost to Wake Forest, Michigan, and Ohio State by a total score of nine points.

In 2003, Purdue modified the gold jersey with new black and white collar and cuff designs, as well as black numerals with a white outline. The program hasn’t used gold jerseys since the Boilermakers’ 27-26 season-opening defeat to Bowling Green.

The gold jerseys for this season include a cowcatcher pattern on the shoulders and a contrasting shoulder yoke, similar to Purdue white football jersey. It also has black numerals with gold borders.

Black trousers and the Purdue team’s distinctive black helmet with a gold Motion “P” on either side and a railroad track stripe in the middle complete the look.

After a season-long hiatus, custom Purdue football jersey has unveiled its new gold jerseys for the homecoming game. The jerseys are a part of the school’s “Blackout” tradition, which is an effort to get students to wear black during games. This year, the school is using gold as well as black in an attempt to create a more cohesive look.

The Purdue football team will wear new gold uniforms for the first time this weekend in Ross-Ade Stadium.

The modernized look features a white helmet with gold stripes and gold numbers, while the pants are solid gold with black stripes down each leg. The jersey is also solid gold with black numbers, while the sleeves are white with “Boiler Up” written on them in black letters.

Custom Purdue Football Jersey

This is the first time in school history that custom Purdue football jersey has worn a color other than black or white with their uniforms. They will be using the gold custom football jerseys for the rest of the season.

The players were very excited about their new threads.”I think it’s awesome,” said senior quarterback Elijah Sindelar when asked about his thoughts on the uniforms.”It feels great being able to run out there and look different from everyone else,” said junior wide receiver Isaac Zico when asked about his thoughts on these new uniforms.

Purdue Head Coach Jeff Brohm says he thinks these uniforms will help his team focus on playing better.”They’re very special and I think they’ll help us play better,” Brohm said when asked about these new jerseys.”I’m really excited to see them play in them,”.

Purdue Boilermakers Football Team

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