New Profile Pic App Warning What Is The Latest Profile Pic App Taking Money

Article Warning about the scam. This article contains details and reality checks regarding the information being circulated online.

Do you like to imagine yourself in various digital avatars? Are you aware of artificial intelligence-themed photo editors that steal personal information?

The Profile Pic App, a photo editing app, has gained huge popularity in Australia,the United States andthe United Kingdom. It is important to be careful.

What’s the warning?

This new profile pic application is well-known for its cool editing tools. Many people love its painting-like effects. Recently, however, the internet was flooded by rumours that the app could be connected to the Russian government and that they collect data.

Users found something suspicious because the app was previously registered in Moscow. The registration details have been changed to Florida. This triggered the people. Experts and cybercrime experts worldwide have advised against using such photo editing software.

What Is The Latest Profile Pic App Taking Money

Experts believe that Russia may be using the app to steal and misuse data of Westerners because it was created by Linerock Investments Ltd, a Russian company. This app, according to online sources, acts as phishing malware that steals money from people’s bank accounts.

This issue is not supported by evidence. Users have not reported that this app took their money. Joseph, a cybercrime expert, said that this app does not have malicious vulnerabilities.

Expert’s view on this topic

Experts have issued a Warning about the new profile pic app. Due to Russian connections, the app uses high-resolution images to edit, which consumes more information than any other app. It is more important.

These warnings are prompted by recent changes to company registration details. Experts warn that the app tracks and steals personal information and money. It is recommended that people not download this app. The company refuted every allegation, as there was no evidence.

A reality check for the New profile app

The New Profil App Warning issue currently is trending on the Internet. However, the company stated that they are registered and have multiple branches worldwide including Florida. Each photo editing app requests the user’s personal information and social media account details.

According to the company, this was a normal issue since every company stores their users’ data in another location. Online reports indicate that TikTok, Facebook, and other apps used to have more data than this one. This is an unsubstantiated rumour.


The article Warning about photo editing app provided some information. But it’s high time that people were made aware of the malware app. Cybercrime experts advise users to upload images without strings attached and to then install the image directly on their phones. Click here for more information.

This article was helpful. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section about digital avatars.

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