New World Game Guide: Some Essential Tips That Beginners Should Know in New World

Since New World was released, it has attracted a variety of players who want to join in the new game. However, for some players who has never paid attention to the style of MMORPG, it is difficult for them to know how to play this game. There are lots of mechanics to learn, many things to see, and different weapons to try. In order to have a good experience in the beginning of New World, players can know some essential tips about how to play well in this game. Meanwhile, players who want to save time on gathering different tiers of materials can buy New World Gold to purchase them from the Trade Post. You can save a lot of time on searching and gathering.

Players Should Pay Attention to Weapon Experience Early

Players should know that New World have an obvious difference in other traditional MMORPG, because it doesn’t emphasize classes, even it allows players to become whatever they fancy to be and combines skills with various weapons in the game. Players need gather Weapon XP to unlock different skills. The only method to obtain XP is to kill enemies with the suitable weapons which equipped in your character.

Due to this mechanic, players should decide what kinds of weapons they need and desire to use before joining in the battles. The longer players keep using a weapon, the more skillful they will be and the more skills they will master in the process of fighting.

Players Should Choose a Tradeskill and Keep Upgrading it

There are a variety of Tradeskills for players to study in New World. Players who want to make profits from crafting should keep upgrading relevant gathering skills in order to gather all of essential materials which are used to build what gear they want.

However, players may find that it is easy to be separated when you are going to do a lot of things in the process of crafting gear in New World. There are a lot of related skills which are need to learn and upgrade. Meanwhile, they also need to gather necessary materials. In the end, players will find that they are away from the goals. So, players can choose a specific Tradeskill and put all efforts into it. They can concentrate on keeping upgrading one Tradeskill and completing goals at first.

Players Should Complete Faction Mission Regularly

Players can choose one of three factions when they start their journey. You can also choose not to join any factions at all. Once players are going to join in the faction what they want, they should make sure that they can complete faction missions daily in New World. If players complete several missions at the first time for a day, they will be provided with a large XP reward which can helps players upgrade quickly. Moreover, players can gain Faction Points from Faction Missions, which can be used to buy suitable gear and weapons. So, players should pay attention to finish Faction Missions regularly.

Players Should Not Buy the Cheapest House at First

Most of players think that it is cool to own a house in New World. However, many players are eager to buy the cheapest house as soon as they have enough money. They should remember that they will have a large discount on their first house trade (50% off). For players, it is wise to purchase a larger home because they will own a large discount on the purchase price and taxes.

Players Should Not Craft Things in Towns Built by Other Factions

New World allows factions to fight against each other to gain more territory in the game, and dictate the taxes that the town services. Which makes players pay a fee to the town when they need craft materials. These crafting locations where are controlled by Companies can set up taxes according to different factions.

So, players should try to craft materials in the towns which is own by your own faction, and you will save a lot of money on taxes.

Players will find that there are a lot of things for players to learn in New World. If you want to upgrade your character quickly, you can Buy New World Coins to purchase necessary XP and other essential items to strengthen your character. Cheap New World Coins are available on

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