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Next Major, who can win it

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CS:GO fans’ hopes for a year full of excitement and thrill in watching their favorite teams go for tournament titles, have in fact been realized. After an incredible 2022 with a roller coaster in who gets whom in the IEM Rio Major, and the unexpected twist of events with underdogs Outsiders winning the title, eSports fans can now expect to have an even more amazing year. And along with fans, betting platforms and csgo gambling sites can expect to accumulate so many bets, as they are literally piling up Major markets to make them available to punters.

The next major has been set to take place in Paris, during a two week period, from May 8 to May 21. BLAST Paris Major 2023 will be organized for the first time by BLAST and as it has been reportedly supported by its CEO, it will be one hell of an event.

After the grand success of the IEM Rio Major 2022, scheduling the next Major was of vital importance. It was crucial to sustain all the heat and all the excitement of fans so as to be able to repeat the hype of the previous tournament.

A total of 24 teams will take part for a prize that, as it has been announced, will reach $1,250,000. The tournament will take place in the Accor Arena, one of the city’s iconic venues, which have hosted one-of-a-kind cultural events like concerts as well as top-notch sporting events.

The championship will feature the Challengers stage, which will take place from May 8 to May 11, the Legends Stage from May 13 to May 16 and finally the Champions stage from May 18 to May 21.

The favorites to win the Blast Paris Major 2023

Although sportsbooks haven’t yet set explicit odds for outright winners, CS:GO analysts get to identify three strong favorites to win the tournament: NAVI, Heroic and G2.

NAVI are coming off as realistic contenders despite the fact that in 2022 they hadn’t always been in shape and form to win. They were disappointed to lose relatively early at the IEM Rio Major 22 and to be defeated at the BLAST Premier Fall Final 22, but some critical moves just like adding one more player to their roster and of course the very simple fact that they are highly capable, can bring them closer to the trophy.

Heroic are strong favorites for the next Major, especially as they have showcased comparative dominance in tournaments and events in 2022. Although they lost the IEM Rio Major 22 to Outsiders, no one can doubt their strength, their capabilities and the unique bonding that the players have with each other, after playing together for so long. They proved this in the end of the season, winning the BLAST Premier Fall Final, after defeating FaZe.

Finally, G2 are named by many fans and analysts as the number one contenders for the trophy. G2 have won the BLAST Premier World Final 2022 and have become the indisputable champions, which brings them at the top of predictions to repeat their victory this season at the Accor Arena. They have an exceptional roster, they have kicked off really well with three players in the HLTV Top 20 rankings for players and they have also exhibited strong commitment and devotion in going as high as possible in their performance and as deep as possible to the competitions.

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