NFT Floydies Where can I buy NFT Floydies?

Discussions erupt between investors in the United Kingdom Canada and the United States as the George Floyd-based NFT token ignites. NFT is a project that sells various images of Floyd, the black man whom Police killed in 2020.

NFT tokens inspired by Floyd were launched on 7th December 2021 via the OpenSea platform. Soon after its launch the NFT project became an opportunistic trolling. The token’s sale sparked controversies among investors.

The NFT Floydies is the name of the token that seeks to make a profit through any means.

What is Floydies’ NFT?

Floydies NFT (New Offensive Non-Fungible Project) is the project that co-operates with the images of George Floyd. Floyd was the victim of Police’s 2020 murder and the trigger for Black Live Matter.

The NFT token is not connected to George’s relatives or any activist group. The Trolling Project was launched on 7 December on the OpenSea Platform. It seeks to make a profit through any means.

The token’s creator said that it is a unique and progressive way to commemorate Floyd’s life.

Where can I buy NFT Floydies?

As previously mentioned, NFT was launched on OpenSea Platform. NFT tokens are available for auction.

OpenSea will auction these tokens to interested buyers.

There are many different NFT tokens available for Floyd, each with different images. Check the images to see the details and then place your bid for the NFT FLIGHTIES auction. However, the auction is limited and you should verify that it is still available before purchasing.

Why was George Floyd’s image used in the NFT Token

George Floyd was the one behind Black Lives Matter. An NFT token project was launched to support the movement. It’s being sold with different George Floyd illustrations.

OpenSea Page stated that the NFT token was created to honor Floyd’s extraordinary life. They said NFT Floydies is the ultimate platform to voice your opinions and advocate equality.

After much research, we concluded that the NFT token has nothing to do Floyd’s relatives or any activist communities.

How Do People React?

People are sharing multiple comments and following the token on Twitter. The token is also being discussed on the discussion board. Some have said it’s bad art that attempts to profit from an unfortunate event.


Now that you know NFT Floydies is a new NFT project, you may be wondering if you should invest. You must be a seasoned investor to ensure you are aware of the future of cryptocurrency.

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