NFT Lunaroid How does the Lunaroid NFT function?

Are you looking for information on NFTs in the marketplace? Have you heard about the Lunaroid NFTs. Want to learn more about Lunaroid NFTs If so, stay tuned.

On the 20th of January 2022, Lunariod NFT was made public. Many people around the world, especially those in the United States are interested in more information about the new NFT. In this post we will be discussing the Lunaroid, their artist, where they can be purchased, and how much it costs.

What is Lunaroid NFT and how can it help you?

Lunaroid NFT is the first NFT with high intensive art that has entered the Solana Blockchain. It is supported by a limited number of unique NFTs.

Lunaroid stands out among the rest because of its unique NFT art portfolio. It is supported by its Lunaroid heritage and unique rarity grades. And, it has excellent Lunaroid hierarchies.

The Lunaroid NFTs feature stunning 3D artworks, which were expertly created to reflect the eternal vigor and genius of true Samurai soldiers.

According to reports, NFT Lunaroid artwork might be one of the most compelling forms of NFT art in the Solana ecosystem. It was meticulously designed to show heroism, devotion and mission. Lunaroid NFT Collection is truly unique with its exceptional art, rareness and hierarchy.

Yaniv, the Lunaroid NFT artist was determined with his group to not only make the program standout but also to give its owners something innovative, exceptional, bold, and deserving. This included the objective of helping Zentaro, the shape-shifting Samurai to unite with his father to create a famed partnership.

Descriptions NFT Lagranroid

  • Items in Collection: There are 8,888 Lunaroid NF.
  • Pricing of the NFT: Each Lunaroid NFT cost 2 SQL.
  • Minting Limit – Each user can only mint 10 tokens.
  • Specialty is the first 3D-intensive, high-quality piece of Nonfungible token.

Who’s the Artist behind the Lunariod Collection of NFT?

Yaniv Shahar (Lunariod NFT) is the artist behind it. He is a 3D designer. His paintings are an eclectic mix of art and intrigue, with a cyberpunk perspective. Yaniv has a wealth of design experience and is currently pursuing his creative flair as an NFT creative developer for NFT Lagranroid.

How does the Lunaroid NFT function?

The Lunaroid NFT will be carried by all Solana NFT Markets. The Lunaroid team will develop a proposal and polling system inside the Lunaroid discord server to ensure long-term viability of the program and an upward development trajectory.


The Lunaroid NFT collection is a unique 3D art of the masked Samurai robot shape with shifting capabilities Lunaroid.

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